These 10 pairs of iconic shoes will keep up with your busy day

These 10 pairs of iconic shoes will keep up with your busy day

With all your heart and sole.


If the Gancini design has become a trademark of the House of Salvatore Ferragamo, then the Gancini Moccasin is footwear made for the present with a nod to this iconic hallmark. Sleek , sophisticated and streamlined in its design, the shoe is made from hammered leather and produces a strong grip with its leather sole embellished with a rubber Gancini. Stepping right off the runway from Salvatore Ferragamo’s Spring Summer 2019 collection, these moccasins exude style as much as they do comfort, enabling versatility in wear from the board meeting to a sophisticated night on the town


An icon of the Tod’s brand that has shaped the path of modern-day footwear, the Gommino driving shoe series is definitely a classic. Created by Diego Della Valle, the Chairman of Tod’s, the original Gommino shoes were inspired by driving shoes from the 1950s. As the brand has developed, so too has the Gommino series with the recent Gommini Dopia T and Gommini Morsetto Catena T, in yellow and black respectively, crafted from textured leather with the ever-present T metal accessory adorning both the shoes with the Tod’s name.


Streetwear has officially become the code of conduct for high fashion brands, with sneakers, sweatshirts and hoodies blending into normalcy on the runway. Brands such as Hermès have been delving into their more creative and edgy side. The Quicker Sneaker series by Hermès is truly a unique style of footwear with a sketched drawing of a man beside his horse-carriage on one side of the sneaker and the iconic ‘H’ detail emblazoned on the other as is customary of Hermès. The evolution of fashion has certianly not made a wrong turn. yet.


The early 2000s brought with it a fever for the monogrammed print that caught on like wildfire. From hats to dresses all the way to handbags and footwear, there was no person during that fashion era who was seen without a monogrammed accessory. The fad has since died down, with high end brands preferring to create products that are more subtle in nature, such as the Gancini buckle found on Salvatore Ferragamo loafers. 2017, however, saw to it the resurrection of logos and monograms with the emergence of streetwear entering the fashion scene. Sneakers with monogrammed prints which feature iconic designs from a brand are preferred, as they are easy to match with an outfit and boldly profess one’s love for a brand they admire.


Hermès’ unmistakable Duc Attele logo, first introduced in the 1950s, is a nod to their early history of producing harness and bridles for noblemen’s carriages. The Duc Attele, or hitched carriage, logo has since adorned the maison’s products from the quintessential silk ties all the way to their bright orange packaging. Owning a pair of loafers sporting this logo automatically makes you a part of luxury fashion history, and a classic pair of Hermès black leather shoes is truly an accessory that every man needs in the closet.


Behold, one of fashion’s most iconic leathers, snakeskin. First appearing in the early 1800s and then solidifying its place in history as a fashion must-have in the 70s, thanks in part to Keith Richards’ signature snakeskin boots that completed that iconic rock & roll aesthetic, the snakeskin shoe is the ultimate item for any shoe enthusiast.

Nobody can resist that cool, rebellious edge that snakeskin adds to any outfit, and let’s be honest here, who didn’t harbour dreams of becoming a rock & roll star? Snakeskin leather can get quite showy, but keeping it confined to the feet with a smart suit keeps the overall aesthetic classy with a hint of fun.


Italian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna are known for their timeless designs, and these L’Asola Moccasins are exactly that. Featuring one of the brand’s most recognised footwear silhouettes, the buttonhole cut band that runs across the L’Asola shoes which is a nod to Zegna’s legacy in fine tailoring. For summer 2019, the L’Asola is remade to even better fit the fast-paced man of today by providing greater flexibility. The crushed back allows the shoe to be slipped on for easy wear while the unique leather soles means they can flex in any direction and even be folded for easy packing and a comfortable wear. Alternate between leather and suede in classic black and brown, or step into a light blue or green pair for a little pop of colour.


If a brand like Ermenegildo Zegna, known for their exquisite tailoring and high-end suits, embraces the sport and streetwear trend as a part of luxury fashion, then athletic wear proves to be the latest unavoidable fashion revolution. And with the sneaker being the article of choice to lead the way into the streetwear market for many luxury clothing brands, it’s become a must-have for any man.

Take these Cesare Sneakers for a spin, made by layering new techniques and high quality materials in new ways resulting in a sneaker that marries the tailoring expertise of Zegna with the sporty appeal of athletic streetwear. Plus, the iconic XXX logo emblazoned on the sides make it uniquely Zegna.


Almost a staple on the runways last season, the big-soled sporty sneakers have taken the high fashion industry by storm. As fashion houses move to embrace streetwear into their collections and move toward the younger urban demographic, expect to see more of the chunky, athletic silhouette taking over the runways and boutique windows.

These pair of Jaw Sneakers from Givenchy gets it name from the distinct ‘shark jaw and teeth’ that make up the rubber soles on these shoes, complete with notches and hollow middle to further drive the shark jaw look. The Jaws are Givenchy’s first ever urban sport sneakers, making it a great pair to own for fans of the maison and sneakerheads alike.


The wide open-toed sandal has weaved its way in and out of high fashion trends since the early sixties, sometimes even affectionately called ugly by the industry itself. Nevertheless, when comfort is what you look for in your footwear, there’s not much that can go wrong with a trusty pair of sandals. A form that can be found in the repertoire of many a fashion house, the sandal has made its way into the closets of many especially for those who don’t compromise on comfort.

Trust maison Hermès to make the humble and practical sandal into an elegant accessory to accompany the gentleman on days off, as these black leather Takara Sandals with signature H cut out and simple design proves






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