The ultimate pencil sharpener stays on point with limited edition series

The ultimate pencil sharpener stays on point with limited edition series

Novelty for the nostalgic

The pencil has long gone the way of its companion, paper –  supplanted by keyboards and touchscreens and remains today an endearing relic of yesteryear scribblers. 

Still, like the parallel cult obsession with typewriters, an appeal to vintage lovers could spark a possible revival. The Blackwing pencils, famously favoured by award-winning lyricist Stephen Sondheim for their ergonomic dexterity and comfort, have taken a similar route with its reintroduction to the masses in 2015 after a nearly two-decade-long absence.

Speaking straight to this sentimentality, Swiss stationary manufacturer Caran d’Ache reveals a limited edition take on its signature sharpener, the Matterhorn Sharpening Machine.

First crafted in 1933, the Matterhorn is solid steel and fits right in with both steampunk paraphernalia and luxury vintage collections. Instead of the usual grey, the limited edition adopts a Brut Rose shade, same as its equally-vintage encasing.

Form aside, the sharpener fulfills its function artfully and efficiently. The mouth clamp comfortably secures pencils or pastels of different diameters (from 4mm to 10mm). Owners can also choose their preferred sharpness (or bluntness) with the interchangeable cutter at the back. A petite removable drawer on the side collects shavings for easy disposal.

There are only 4,478 of the Brut Rose Sharpening Machine, the number referencing the altitude of their namesake Mount Matterhorn in Switzerland. The Sharpening Machine retails at 220 euros (or S$357) – not a small sum for something anyone can get on the cheap, but a valuable collector’s piece for pencil lovers.

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