The Peak Weekend Guide: 6 Award-Winning Bars in Southeast Asia

Here we recommended the go-to bars to add to your travel itinerary. Select from 6 award-winning bars from around the world.

Wind down this week to some award-winning cocktails and it is the perfect excuse to round off a meal with an after-dinner mint and one last glass of drink. Here’s our guide to some of the best bars and cocktails to sip from around the world.

1.Hanky Panky – Mexico


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The acclaimed speakeasy is known for its elegant seasonal cocktails, unique service, and driving ethos of collaboration, friendship, and community. It’s a sexy, low-lit space with a long marble bar and red leather chairs, where the only way to get in – and actually discover the address – is by making a reservation on the website or via its social media accounts. Behind the bar, head bartenders Gina Barbachano and Ismael Martínez along with their team, shake up clever twists on classics, as well as original creations that have put Hanky Panky in the spotlight since its origin.

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2.Bar Trigona – Malaysia

With locally-sourced ingredients, Bar Trigona crafts refreshing cocktails and different types of beverages that lift up your weekend experience. In this modern-furnished space, guests will be served with their signature drinks such as Red Bird, Theopoto, Terroir, Rum Ki Tiki, Amethyst, and Trigona Old Fashioned. Get yourself six jars of delicious artisanal Trigona honey harvested from the hive adopted.

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3.Charles H – Korea


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Discreetly hidden away on the lower level of Seoul’s Four Seasons hotel, this intimate bar is helmed by the award-winning bartender Keith Motsi. Charles H was recently named the best bar in Korea. Guests will be immersed in the worldly romance of its legendary namesake, Charles H. Sip on their special blend cocktails in exotic and luxurious flavours. Charles found the world’s keen interest in fine drinks was rivalled only by its love of good things to eat, hence here they are presenting a selection of dishes that are inspired by his writings.

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4.Jigger & Pony – Singapore


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This super chilled bar is ideal for sampling classic cocktails and has a great vibe. With a brand new menu featuring 24 cocktails, Jigger & Pony presents fresh interpretations on cocktails. Many have frequented the bar because of the stunning hospitality many have come to enjoy over the years. As one of the top bars in Asia and largely home-grown, Jigger & Pony has always done things a bit differently from introducing communal seating to the Crystal Ramos Gin Fizz (the most innovative cocktails that taste like lemon meringue pie), which bar Program Director Aki Eguchi says it takes 72 hours to curate. Hello drinkers, you are most welcome to sit in this classy and relaxing speakeasy bar.

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5.Sober Company – China


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June 26 was the last day of operation for this three-story multi-concept bar and restaurant, because of the end of their leasing contract. But here is the good news, they will be re-opening soon at the same time, the team is working on some new experiences for guests. Calling off alcohol aficionados – are you ready for a ‘come sober, leave tipsy’ experience? The upcoming building of Sober Company will be your ultimate destination for numerous creative cocktails such as the Corpse Reviver (cognac, calvados, red vermouth, chichibu barrel smoke) and signature Sixty Forty.

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6.Sago House – Singapore


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Born during the 2020 lockdown in Singapore, Sago House is a good old-fashioned space hidden away on the top level of a Sago Street shophouse. The interior was hand-build with 80% formed out of upcycled materials, accompanying murals by Distort Monsters, a local Filipino artist. For extra excitement, the bar always delivers a good number of bottled cocktails along with some simple tasty bites. A recent favourite is Blackcurrant Affairs which comprises tequila, Caribbean pineapple, blackcurrant, Amaro Montenegro and prosecco.

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