The Cit-E smart backpack by Google and Yves Saint Laurent that allows you to control your smartphone

The Cit-E smart backpack by Google and Yves Saint Laurent that allows you to control your smartphone

The world of technology and luxury bags collide as Google and Yves Saint Laurent create a pricey but innovative smart bag.

We live in an increasingly connected world as almost everything from our watches, cars, lights to home appliances are connected to our smartphone. Now you can count bags into that list as the latest collaboration between Google and luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent has resulted in the Cit-E, a smart backpack that allows you to control your smartphone.

As you can come to expect the bag, which is made in Italy, has a fairly stylish yet minimalist exterior. It is primarily made of nylon with some canvas lining on the inside and some internal pockets like an interior key clip, smartphone pocket, zip compartment and padded slot pocket to keep things organised.

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Despite its otherwise ordinary appearance, the Cit-E hides Google’s touch-sensitive fabric technology on the bag’s left strap. Developed back in 2017 as part of Project Jacquard, the first product to utilise this technology was a smart commuter jacket from Levi.

Apart from that, the Cit-E is powered by a removable “tag” that houses the battery and internal hardware. Once paired with a smartphone (be it iOS or Android) you would be able to perform all the usual common gestures like swiping up, down, double-tapping and more to control your music, Google Maps and browse through notifications.


The applications for this certainly sounds cool as it would free your hands up and remove the hassle of reaching for your smartphone, thus allowing you to focus on more the world around you.

Do take note that the Cit-E backpack costs an eye-watering £ 685 or  MYR3,592. But if the price does not deter you from getting it then head on over to Yves Saint Laurent’s website to place your pre-order as it promises to ship out by 15 October.

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