TAG Aviation proves flying private comes with great perks

Privacy, convenience and efficiency are just some of the benefits of flying a private jet charter.

TAG Aviation

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, a smooth and seamless journey is always something every traveller strives for. Renowned for their outstanding attention to detail and over 50 years of exceptional service, TAG Aviation has always sought to offer a personalised experience to suit all your travel needs. 

Drawing on their network of trusted providers and a round-the-clock support service powered by an international team in 11 locations around the globe, the TAG Aviation crew are focused on crafting a stress-free travel experience. 

When it comes to safety, TAG Aviation is recognised for its IS-BAO Stage 3 Accreditation, which is the highest level of certification of highly professional operational practices in aviation. The crew are also certified by Wyvern Consulting with The Wingman Standard, a certification that recognises operators who adhere to a specific set of safety and risk assessment practices. Rest assured, you’ll be travelling with peace of mind. 

TAG Aviation

Regardless of the nature of your travel, there are many benefits to choosing a private jet charter. For one, the amount of time you save is priceless compared to flying commercial. Skip the long queues and unnecessary flight delays as you’ll be able to arrive at the airport mere minutes before take-off to board your flight. For those travelling in big groups, a private jet charter offers efficiency and a stress-free journey. Travel together without splitting up the group, something exceptionally convenient for sports teams, business events, weddings or just a group of friends going on holiday together. 

For business travellers, a private jet charter makes a world of difference in time management. Say you have several meetings at different stops throughout the day, TAG Aviation lets you personalise your journey by tailoring the flight itinerary to suit your schedule. With access to thousands of airports around the world, there’s also the possibility of arriving closer to your destination, allowing you to skip the hassle of traffic. 

TAG Aviation

As you’d expect from a private jet charter, it’s all about the luxury experience. The on-board catering team is able to tailor to your needs and wants. Whether you’re craving your favourite dish from a specific restaurant or have specific dietary requirements, you can expect top-tier dining on board. 

TAG Aviation

Sometimes flying a private jet charter is born out of necessity and no one understands this better than TAG Aviation which is able to accommodate your lifestyle needs. Expect the utmost privacy, comfort and space when you fly. Possibly the best perk for those with a furry friend, your pets can travel with peace of mind too. Pets are welcome in the cabin and can enjoy a luxury travel experience with you by their side, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey to your destination. 

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