The Revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Now Available For Pre-Order In Malaysia

The Revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Now Available For Pre-Order In Malaysia

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the definition of innovation as it defines a new category of smartphones.

After much hype since its introduction earlier this year, Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy Fold is finally available for pre-order in Malaysia starting this 9 October and is available for purchase at selected Samsung participating stores and participating chain store retailers with the recommended retail price of RM8,388, offered in Cosmos Black and Space Silver.

After many months of testing and improving upon the Galaxy Fold’s initial design, Samsung is ready to show off what its revolutionary new smartphone can do. Not only did Samsung improve the Galaxy Fold’s design and construction, but it has unlocked a completely new way to use your smartphone.

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During a hands-on preview session with the Galaxy Fold, The Peak was able to get a closer look at just how this engineering marvel, inspired by the precision of watch mechanics, intuitively folds and unfolds like a book.

When folded, the Galaxy Fold’s slim silhouette enables it to easily slip into your pocket or bag. Its 4.6-inch cover display fits comfortably in one hand and puts all your apps within easy reach.

But once you open the Galaxy Fold, that’s when the magic begins to unfold as its massive 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display opens up like a butterfly unfurling its wings. With this massive display, new possibilities open up as you are able to consume videos, music and games like never before.

The true marvel of the Galaxy Fold is its ability to combine a smartphone and tablet into one elegant hybrid device that brings together the best of both worlds. The new form factor enables a new user interface, aptly dubbed Multi-Active Window, that fully takes advantage of the Galaxy Fold’s massive display by using up to three apps simultaneously.

For example, you may Google search for a restaurant you would like to try for dinner while texting your loved one about it in another window and the directions to the restaurant on Google Maps in the third. All three apps are working at once and you can seamlessly choose to rearrange the apps as you see fit to better see the map as you drive and then switch to the browser to find additional information all on the fly.

It is also easy to imagine how this multitasking beast is able to increase your productivity exponentially while on the go, allowing you to respond to emails in one window while crunching an Excel spreadsheet in the next and adjusting your PowerPoint presentation.

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Beyond being productive, the Galaxy Fold allows you to capture memories brilliantly thanks to its six cameras, with the three primary cameras consisting of an Ultra-Wide, Wide-angle and Telephoto camera. For selfies, the Galaxy Fold boasts selfie cameras on the cover as well as on the inside, with an additional Depth camera on the inside.

Thanks to the Galaxy Fold’s dual battery with 4,380mAh capacity, the device is said to be able to last one full workday. It is also able to deliver power to your Galaxy Bud wireless earbuds (that come included with the device) should you find the power running low.

To put your mind at ease, every Galaxy Fold comes with exclusive access to specialized customer care services – including one-on-one access to Samsung experts, and a 24/7 support hub online or over the phone. Samsung will elaborate on plans in each market to ensure every aspect of the Galaxy Fold experience is as extraordinary as the device itself.

For more information about Galaxy Fold go to their website. If you have made up your mind and intend to pre-order a unit go to Samsung’s pre-order page.

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