Rémy Martin Celebrates Three Centuries of Excellence

Dreaming forward since 1724, the House of Rémy Martin celebrates its impeccable 300 year milestone with a myriad of anniversary events, including a recent stop in Malaysia.

Rémy Martin

Few can rival the rich and storied legacy of Rémy Martin, the esteemed House of Cognac in France, which has been crafting fine spirits since 1724.

As one of the oldest cognac producers still thriving today, Rémy Martin sets the benchmark for quality and craftsmanship in the industry. Through centuries of dedication, they have perfected their art, creating cognacs renowed for their clear, layered flavours and unrivalled smoothness.

This year, Rémy Martin celebrates its 300th anniversary with the theme “We Dream Forward,” honouring its rich history while embracing the future. Central to this celebration is the release of the 300th Anniversary Coupe, a limited-edition cognac that embodies the essence of Rémy Martin.

Jean-Philippe Hecquet, CEO of the House of Rémy Martin, reflects on the significance of this milestone: “By inviting our consumers to explore our craft and story and by teaming up with the most promising creative talents, together we build exceptional cognacs for the next generations.”


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In Spring 2024, the historic House of Rémy Martin unveiled its grand reopening after extensive renovations. Nestled at the crossroads of urban and rural, the sumptuous setting magnifies a 300-year legacy of hospitality, taking visitors on a voyage into the very soul of Rémy Martin. This marks the beginning of a year-long celebration of Rémy Martin’s 300th anniversary, resonating far beyond Cognac.

A Celebration of Heritage

Most recently, the Boathouse by the Lake was alive with excitement as 160 distinguished guests gathered to celebrate Rémy Martin’s 300th anniversary. The tricentennial anniversary celebration with an exclusive Coupe Dinner presented elegance, history, and exceptional culinary delights, all in honour of the cognac house. The event was graced by Tyrel Ball, Managing Director of Rémy Cointreau – South & North Asia Pacific (SNAP), and Hazel Yong, General Manager of Rémy Cointreau Malaysia.

The night began with a warm welcome as guests arrived at the beautifully decorated foyer, where they were greeted with three signature 1738 cocktails – the Rémy Martin Highball, Sidecar, and Val D’or. These exquisite drinks were expertly crafted by Thanesh Joel, the renowned bartender of Backdoor Bodega and local champion of Rémy Martin’s Bartender Talent Academy.

Ahead of dinner, the grand doors opened to reveal a lavishly set dining hall. Interestingly, the tables were adorned with fruits, nuts, and exquisite floral centrepieces, creating a stunning visual feast.

Chef Yongzhi, one-half of the masterminds behind Eat & Cook, had crafted a four-course dinner destined to be unforgettable, with each dish thoughtfully paired with the Rémy Martin 300th Anniversary Coupe. The menu, themed Past, Present & Future, paid homage to Rémy Martin’s legacy and its unwavering commitment to excellence for centuries to come.

Tyrel Ball, Managing Director at Rémy Cointreau

The highlight of the evening came when Tyrel, took the stage and spoke passionately about the brand’s incredible 300-year journey. With a grand gesture, he unveiled the Rémy Martin 300th Anniversary Coupe. The room erupted in applause and cheers as glasses were raised in a celebratory toast to this remarkable milestone.

As dinner commenced, a curated visual experience whisked guests through Rémy Martin’s rich history. Vintage photos and captivating projections vividly depicted the brand’s evolution and enduring legacy. A soulful jazz performance amazed the audience, adding a touch of magic to the night.

Remy Martin’s 300th Anniversary celebration

The celebration continued with the unveiling of a magnificent anniversary cake, designed as a tribute to Rémy Martin’s storied past. Joined by key figures, the cake-cutting ceremony was met joyous cheers. As the night drew to a close, Tyrel led one final toast, filled with the sound of clinking glasses, laughter, and heartfelt wishes for the future.

Paying Homage to a 300-year legacy

Rémy Martin

Remy Martin 300th Anniversary Coupe

Created by Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau, this special release is drawn from the “Réserve Perpétuelle,” a cherished collection of eaux-de-vie exclusively from the renowned Grande Champagne terroir. Known for its remarkable aromatic quality and ageing potential, Grande Champagne has always been the heart of the House’s unique blends.

Baptiste Loiseau’s work on this anniversary edition is a beautiful blend of tradition and innovation. He combines the legacy of past creations with his own selection of harmonious eaux-de-vie. This ongoing reserve process ensures that each new blend carries the essence of its predecessors, linking the past and present in a continuous thread.

As Loiseau puts it, “The perpetual reserve is both a process and a legacy. Every time we create a new blend, we set aside part of it for future cellar masters to use in the next Anniversary Coupe. For the 300th Anniversary Coupe, I’ve enriched the blend with treasures from our cellars and the Grande Champagne terroir. By reserving some of this special blend, we’re ensuring the story continues for generations to come.”

Rémy Martin

Remy Martin 300th Anniversary Coupe – Pierrette Trichet & Baptiste Loiseau, 

The bottle design is a tribute to its heritage, echoing the iconic flacon created for the 250th Anniversary Coupe in 1974. The power of legacy and the spirit of transmission are embodied through the javelin motif near the neck.

Remy Martin 300th Anniversary Coupe In Details

Since 1870, the Centaur emblem has graced every Rémy Martin bottle. This symbol, representing the unity of man and nature, was inspired by the zodiac sign of the House’s founder, Paul Emile Rémy Martin, a Sagittarius. Delivering the House’s values, Centaur represents energy, audacity, generosity, and courage. Its stance, with “feet on the ground, head in the stars,” and javelin poised for the future, inspired the linear and diagonal patterns on the packaging.

Remy Martin 300th Anniversary Coupe

Presented in a bespoke wooden box, the bottle pays homage to the oak barrels where the eaux-de-vie age. The gold-finished plaque was made from the finest Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie. The glass carafe, with its embossed lines, blends tradition and modernity.

Rémy Martin

Remy Martin 300th Anniversary La Coupe

Call it a true sensory delight, its luminous amber patina sets the stage for a journey through layers of flavours. On the nose, it reveals notes of candied orange, passion fruit, sandalwood, leather, and mixed spices with hints of floral. The palate is equally captivating, presenting flavours of candied and exotic fruits, nuts, and subtle oaky notes, culminating in a long, elegant finish. The body is impressive, with a refined fresh fruit expression and persistent finish that prolongs the tasting experience.

No elaborate serving ritual is needed; the magic lies within the bottle. Pour a few centilitres into a Cellar Master glass, close your eyes, breathe in the rich aromas and savour.

With only 84 individually numbered bottles of the 300th Anniversary Coupe available in Malaysia, each sip of the 300th Anniversary Coupe is a rare and unforgettable experience.



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