Pirelli's Innovative Cyber Tyres Interacts With Other Vehicles Over A 5G Network

Pirelli’s Innovative Cyber Tyres Interacts With Other Vehicles Over A 5G Network

Newly developed cyber tyres from Pirelli are able to transmit critical information via a 5G network.

Tyre-makers Pirelli is looking to ride the coming wave of smart devices by developing its own set of intelligent tyres that are able to detect the conditions of roads and relay them to other vehicles over a 5G network.

Pirelli recently unveiled its new “Cyber Tyre” in Turin, Italy where it demonstrated the various use cases for the technology.

The demonstration took place on a roof where a vehicle equipped with the sensor-fitted Pirelli Cyber Tyre was connected to a 5G network and was able to transmit the risk of aquaplaning detected by the tyres to the car that was following it from behind. This was all made possible thanks to 5G’s ultra-high bandwidth and low latency.

Apart from that, the internal sensors will also supply the car with data relative to the tyre model, kilometres clocked, dynamic load and potential dangers on road surfaces such as the presence of water or poor grip.

This information will enable the car to adapt its control and driving assistance systems, thereby greatly improving the level of safety, comfort and performance.

The potential of 5G network could see Pirelli’s tyres placed inside a wider communication context that involves the entire ecosystem of on-road transportation and actively contributes to the development of future solutions such as autonomous driving.

The “sensoring” of tyres is an integral part of Pirelli’s “Perfect Fit” strategy, focused on the development of “tailor made” products and services to meet the needs of carmakers, fleets and drivers in general, with a view to the future and the changes underway in mobility.

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