Part 1: Making New Year’s Resolutions Based on Your Zodiac

If you are open to the concept of zodiacs or the celestial coordinate system, find out how your zodiac could possibly influence the direction you want to go towards.
By Corina Tan

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Fundamentally, making a new year’s resolution is seeded in the desire to improve ourselves and become a better version than the year or years before. We want to be able to put into words and translate into actions, new ways to contribute to the betterment of the world around us, through changing the way we behave and the things we do. Having some foresight as to what the new year may bring your way, can help in making the right resolutions that fall in line with the incoming energy and potential to achieve things according to the aspects that will be most likely to bear fruit. If you are open to the concept of zodiacs, aligning planets, or the celestial coordinate system, you may be willing to read on to find out how your zodiac could possibly influence the direction you want to go towards.

Based on astrologer Emily Ridout, the year 2022 is the year of the water tiger in Chinese astrology, which predicts a year of big ups and downs. What this means for all of us generally is a surge of creative and spiritual energy that helps us realise our dreams, but accompanied also by feelings of inadequacy in dealing with potential opportunities. It is up to each person to decide if the opportunity helps them realise their true potential, or seem too big and scary to undertake.

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Aries – Be true to yourself

Aries’ core qualities will be enhanced in 2022. Your boldness, leadership and capacity for action will help you to make a plan of action and take steps towards realising a hidden dream. Be honest and ask yourself what that dream is, then start working towards it.

Taurus – Learn a practical skill

2022 is going to be a year to try new things. Having a practical skill will ensure that no matter what comes your way, you will be able to fall back on something tangible. If there are any major shifts in finances or life in general, you will be able to catch yourself and approach things positively.

Gemini – Reflect on progress

It won’t just be important for you to make a resolution, but sticking to it and seeing it through will be of utmost importance. Geminis usually move so quickly that stopping to check your progress may not come naturally to you. As such, start a progress journal that can help you keep track of everything you have achieved, every problem faced and how you have overcome them. These little pieces of progress will help keep you on your course till the end.


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Cancer – Practice self-care

The past few years have been brutal to Cancer and those bad times are soon ending. Now is the time to schedule self-care rituals and activities that heal, soothe, calm and centre your being. Weekly massages, spa days, meditation, a serene getaway all work towards taking care of you. Go ahead, you deserve it.

Leo – Help others

The new year will be a year of true revelation. Fair-weathered friends or otherwise will make themselves abundantly clear this year. Leos who define themselves by what they do may come to realise that their identities tied into their employment hinders them from recognising who they really are. The best way to unveil any false identities of self is to be in service to others. Finding a greater purpose by helping others less fortunate in the community, or even helping the environment, will put things in perspective and give you a chance to find out who you really are.

Virgo – Get back to nature

Virgos will benefit greatly from calmly communing with their element – earth. This could mean a walk through the park, hiking, fishing, camping or even bird-watching. Any activity that gives you a chance to be surrounded by nature will help you ground yourself and find clarity in the changing tides of a busy world. Benefit from quality time outdoors and become a calmer, more focused you.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Making New Year’s Resolutions Based on Your Zodiac.

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