Object of desire: the Pelikan Herzstück 1929 Limited Edition

Object of desire: the Pelikan Herzstück 1929 Limited Edition

German pen manufacturer Pelikan is releasing a historical fountain pen that commemorates the company’s innovations.

The Pelikan Herzstück 1929, is a pen created to commemorate the innovations that Pelikan introduced to the world of stationery in the year, well, 1929: a piston-filling mechanism that allowed fountain pens to have a larger ink capacity with less blotting; and a clear ink chamber that allowed ink levels to be monitored.

While the Herzstück (translated from German as “heart” or “core”) is a must-have for any pen/history geek, this is one gorgeous piece of stationery that would aptly grace any document — history lesson notwithstanding. The cap is built in black resin, with an 18K gold dome that depicts the very logo that was used in the first Pelikan fountain pen that was ever manufactured. Other callbacks include the clip built in resemblance to a pelican’s beak; and the see-through ink chamber that reveals the ink level, and the vaunted piston mechanism — which has been specially plated with gold and engraved with the original patent number for this edition.

The end of the barrel, and the medium-sized nib also feature 18K gold and commemorative engravings that feature the company logo. All the embellishments also gives the fountain pen a comfortable heft that makes writing a pleasure. With just 462 individually numbered units available, the Herzstück 1929 comes in a gift box that also includes a bottle of Royal Blue ink.

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