Object of desire: Ferrari Monza SP2

Object of desire: Ferrari Monza SP2

Ferrari’s most powerful road car to date is built without windscreen or roof.

The enduring appeal of Enzo Ferrari’s sports cars lies in its race-bred pedigree and flooring the pedal on the Ferrari Monza SP2 is as close as one gets to the Formula 1 racing experience.

Equipped with the most powerful naturally-aspirated V12 engine ever built by Ferrari, the 810-horsepower SP2 is capable of reaching 100 kilometers per hour in 2.9 seconds. As with other speed demons on the track, carbon-fibre features extensively in the construction of the supercar, giving it the requisite lightness and agility to out-swerve the competition.

But unlike other road-legal super cars, both roof and windscreen are notably absent from the Monza SP2, a design that’s evocative of the brand’s competition cars of the 1950s. This proved quite a challenge to Ferrari’s engineers, who’ve worked to retain an aerodynamic form while ensuring that the driver can still take to the road comfortably. The result is a patented ‘virtual wind shield’ which sits behind the instrumentation panel to channel air flow above the driver sitting in a Formula 1 style cockpit.

The design of Ferrari’s Monza SP2 is inspired by the brand’s racing cars of the 1950s.

With its striking, sinuous silhouette, it is no surprise that it has recently been crowned the Most Beautiful Supercar of 2018 at the 34th Paris Festival Automobile International. Given the car’s limited production, only 500 will own the bragging rights to this dark beauty.

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