5 Best New Drinks You Need to Try

5 Best New Drinks You Need to Try

The time is ripe to restock that home bar of yours…

It’s been months since anyone’s had a chance to visit their favourite watering hole and so, many have perhaps decided that having a home bar is probably a wonderful idea. It is, however, not cool if the only thing you can offer guests is a couple of dusty bottles of liquor you can’t get rid of.

So, here’s a chance for you to rediscoverer the joys of explorations again while remaining safely at home as we present to you some of the latest alcoholic beverages that were just released out on the market in July!

And since the following drinks have just been announced, give it some time before attempting to order up a bottle or two from your regular, friendly online beverage retailer…

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Haig Club Mediterranean Orange

new liquor releases

New liquor releases

Looks like David Beckham’s Haig Club has got itself a brand-new winner! It’s just launched Haig Club Mediterranean Orange combined the ultra-smooth single grain Scotch whisky with natural orange flavours to create this refreshing new drink. With the natural orange flavours, and sitting at 35% ABV, it’s not quite a whisky, but it’s sure to shine in mixed drinks and the like – it’s practically made for a summery Highball! Expect to taste an expertly blended citrusy-floral quality which transitions into smooth, juicy, fresh orange peel and orange blossom notes.

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