Nespresso releases fresh new blend in time for a great new beginning

Nespresso releases fresh new blend in time for a great new beginning

Nespresso’s brand-new Shanghai Lungo flavour welcomes the New Year of the Ox

If one is asked to name the most popular hot, caffeinated beverage in Chinese culture, the answer would probably be tea. After all, with a history of more than 5,000 years, Chinese tea isn’t going anywhere soon.

However, coffee – a relative newcomer to the caffeine scene in China – is making waves, and huge ones as well. For instance, coffee consumption in China has skyrocketed in recent years, nearly tripling in a span of just a few years, and Shanghai alone is home to an estimated 6,500 coffee shops… and counting!

Closer to us here in Malaysia, it looks like coffee culture is even seeping into the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations as well, thanks to Nespresso. To usher in the Year of the Ox, Nespresso is encouraging coffee lovers here, and everywhere, to start the celebrations with a cup of Nespresso, for good fortune and prosperity.

Why? Well, just like how most of us can’t possibly start the day properly without a shot or two of the black stuff, Nespresso believes that a good beginning is halfway to success, so it is important to make the first thing of everything right, especially the start of a year.

To this regard, it has introduced a new permanent coffee blend to its ever-expanding list of flavours – the Shanghai Lungo. This is certainly an auspicious symbol of a fresh new year and a new beginning, featuring a smooth, fruity blend of Arabicas from four distinct origins that represent the diverse taste of a modern megacity like Shanghai.

Trendy and forward-facing, the emerging coffee taste in the city is ever evolving and you are as apt to find an intense blend as you are a milder, smoother cup in the city’s high-end coffee shops. With the Shanghai Lungo, coffee lovers will be captured by the diversity found in the blend, with a collection of washed Arabica beans delivering a distinctively fruity coffee with generous citric and berry notes.

In this clever blend, the Chinese Arabica forms a delicate, creamy body and, together with the Kenyan coffee, it brings a sweet red fruit note with elegant bergamot and citrus aromas. Meanwhile, the Indonesian beans further add a touch of wood spice to the blend. And don’t forget: enjoy it like anyone would in busy, funky Shanghai by adding a splash of cream and taking it on-the-go!

Meanwhile, the Nespresso 10-sleeves CNY Assortments Giftbox incorporates window and Spring Festival couplets elements, symbolic of opening up windows to welcome greater opportunities in conjunction with this Lunar New Year. It also comes with a door sticker with the Chinese word ‘Fú’ (福), representing good fortune, blessing and happiness – just perfect for gifting during the festive season.

And at the end of it all, do remember to recycle any used Nespresso capsules to redeem the Nespresso Second Life Chopsticks during this festive season. Each set of chopsticks is made with aluminium from 45 used Nespresso capsules, so coffee lovers everywhere can come together and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

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