Marvel’s Avengers: high-end movie replicas you can buy

Marvel’s Avengers: high-end movie replicas you can buy

Feeling lost after Avengers: Endgame? Fill that Marvel-shaped hole in your life with these high-production-value movie props and replicas.

Iron Man Mark 47 suit

buyFullBodyArmour builds fully-wearable, customised replicas of movie and game character armour. While their Iron Man mk47 (first seen in Spiderman: Homecoming) won’t allow you to fly around and blast objects, it’s probably the closest visually you can get to an actual, working suit. The ultra-detailed piece of armour comes built in plastics and aluminium alloy, and weights in at only 12 kg — making it a breeze to set up in your living room, or to wear, while sitting in your living room. While you can buy a basic version of the armour at below USD5000, the whole shebang clocks in at USD8099, and gets you upgrades like a motorised mask with eye lights, an in-suit ventilation system, and motorised wing flaps complete with sound and light effects.

Purchase at buyFullBodyArmour

Captain America Shield with Black Panther Claw Mark

Part of the Marvel Masterworks Collection, this authentic film prop duplicate from Captain America: Civil War is movie accurate, and made-to-order by prop team for Marvel Studios. There’s a very limited run of 50 pieces, and comes with a glass certificate of authenticity. The 24-inch wide shield is made with spun — unfortunately, not the fictional vibranium — aluminium, and filled with foam to make it lighter. Your order ships in a one of those Pelican cases that the studio uses to transport and store their props, and includes a display stand and glass medallion.

Purchase at Disney.

Infinity Gauntlet

Have gripes about how your geeky purchases aren’t functional enough? This life-sized replica of the Infinity Gauntlet from Camino Audio also houses a bluetooth speaker. The incredibly detailed piece is made out of bronze, and measures at over 30 inches, weighing over 23kg. It’s not for wearing, but it will play the Avengers’ theme song.

Purchase at Camino Audio


Command lighting, and the fear of home intruders with this 1:1 scale replica of Thor’s mythical hammer. This full-metal version made of zinc alloy weighs in at a hefty 4kg, and comes with real leather straps and a fibreglass base to rest your — ostensible — weapon on.

Purchase at Real Sword Master

Hulkbuster Armour

If you’ve got the space to fit it, Taiwanese-based movie merchandisers Beast Kingdom is offering a full-sized statue of the iconic Hulkbuster armour for just under USD15 000. The 3-metre-tall behemoth is made from fibreglass, and features a hand-sprayed, car-grade paint exterior. The whole suit is decked out with LED lights, and comes standing on a cracked granite base for greater immersion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Purchase at Beast Kingdom

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