5 Luxury Classic Cars For Collectors

The perfect expression of classical charm in automotive.

luxury classic cars

Aston Martin

For decades automakers have put together sophisticated equipment, advanced performance, and exquisite technology behind the wheel to provide the most luxurious drive. An Aston Martin has been an icon, ever since its debut in Bond films. For that reason, these iconic vehicles have won the favour and are appreciated in the classic car collectors circles. To put it bluntly, the only real cars are vintage – those old-fashioned vehicles you see in movies about the days of our great-grandparents.

An ultimate fashion car. It has got a gripping appearance, with stunning bodywork, mirrors with various shapes and sizes, feminine lines, a broad-spectrum colour palate and a designer interior.

Which model of luxury classic cars would you take for a spin? Discover these automotive legends that are worth the hunt.

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Ferrari 250 GT Coupe


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Elegant, understated, and luxurious – the Ferrari 250 GT Coupe Pinin Farina was meticulously built over a long chassis by Italian Car Designer Pinin Farina. As one of the late 1950s classics, it represented the first higher-volume model for Ferrari among the features. The car as presented is a beautiful classic grand tourer, benefiting from a comprehensive engine rebuild and braking system overhaul.

The interior is starkly simple but premium, retaining a nineteenth-century atmosphere while the seats are finished in beige leather with functional gauges.

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