Stay in a live-in exhibit at Le Bristol Paris’ suite designed by Bertrand Lavier

Stay in a live-in exhibit at Le Bristol Paris’ suite designed by Bertrand Lavier

Le Bristol Paris x Kamel Mennour

If you’ve ever wanted to jump into a painting just to feel what it would be like to live in the colourful, picturesque world depicted on canvas, then head to Le Bristol Paris on your next travel stop to the French capital city. In their third collaboration with art gallery Kamel Mennour, Le Bristol presents an all new, re-imagined Paris Suite especially for the art aficionado, as well as added artworks to the grounds of the hotel to make your stay an art-filled experience.

This time, Kamel Mennour invites pop artist Bertrand Lavier to head the collaboration, letting the artist put his signature radical colour on every surface of the Paris Suite’s living room. Lavier’s work in Le Bristol is an extension of his Walt Disney Productions series, a collection of sculptures and paintings which first started in 1984 after finding inspiration in a Walt Disney comic that depicts Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s adventures in a modern art museum.

Lavier’s bright and contemporary design of the Paris Suite’s living room transports guests right into the museum Disney created in his comic strip, with the yellow and green walls and bright purple carpet meeting minimalist furniture and colourful bulbous sculptures recreated exactly like those Disney originally drew. Lavier’s designed room feels like staying in a living art exhibit that encompasses guests the moment they step into the room, a surreal experience that allows a peek into what goes on in the mind of one the world’s leading radical pop artists. The rest of the Paris Suite retains the classic Louis XVI decor, further emphasising the contrast that the artist creates between his world and reality.

The adventure continues in the gardens of Le Bristol Paris, as the Kamel Mennour Gallery puts up an exhibition of Bertrand Lavier’s sculptures from the same collection for guests to view, while the 3-metre artworks also add a pop of contemporary colour to the otherwise classic and  well-manicured surroundings.

Visit Le Bristol Paris’ website for more information, or email [email protected] to reserve your stay.

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