Lexus Debuts Its First Luxury Yacht the LY 650

Lexus Debuts Its First Luxury Yacht the LY 650

Lexus is expanding its horizon, diversifying its offering from cars to yachts.

Lexus is best known for creating high-end automobiles focus on performance and safety above all else. But, it may surprise you to learn that Lexus has produced its first luxury yacht the 65-foot-long LY 650 which carries a price tag of USD3.7 million or MYR15.5 million.

This latest performance yacht from Lexus continues the brand’s foray into the world of yachts picking up where it’s 42-foot Sport Yacht Concept left off. Much of the LY 650’s design is based off a concept that was first shown in January 2017, so you could say that this yacht was two years in the making.

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Now, the LY 650 is finally ready to be revealed to the public at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show on 30 October, which happens to be the same day Lexus plans to sell it to the public.

So what can you expect from an ultra-luxurious yacht from Lexus? Well, it is clear to see that Lexus has employed its recognisable design language in the look and feel of the LY 650 and have refined it further thanks to the help of Italian yacht design studio Nuvolari Lenard.

On the exterior, you can see metallic accents and sleek sporty lines that bring Lexus’ “L-finesse” automotive design from land to sea. This is complemented by the strong, pronounced bow, curved deck accents and accentuated aft hips. Viewed from the profile, the elegant rise and fall of the yacht’s distinctly Lexus roofline flows into rising, broad hips of the rear section.

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A distinct feature of the LY 650 is a two-tone colour scheme consisting of a sleek metallic grey and accented sand brown colour outlining the hull.

Step inside the LY 650 and you will be treated to a world of luxury with pristine white leather sofas in the salon area that invite guests to sit around the lounge and enjoy the view of the sea passing by.

There are also three staterooms within the boat, each with their own ensuite facilities, that allow a total of six people to stay on the boat at any one time.

Another nod to Lexus’ automotive heritage is the use of materials in the yacht’s hull. Developed with Wisconsin-based Marquis Yachts, the hull uses a combined carbon fibre-reinforced plastic and glass fibre- reinforced plastic to keep the yachts lightweight and fast. This enables the powerful twin Volva Penta IPS engines to reach speeds of up to 31.4 knots.

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In addition, there is cutting-edge technology built-in the yacht that makes the LY 650 very safe. The inclusion of “LY-Link” that delivers real-time data on the voltage, fuel and water levels. It can detect any abnormalities and send alerts whenever it detects maintenance is needed.

With the LY 650 being the first production marine vessel by Lexus, it represents a significant milestone in Lexus’ exploration into non-automotive ventures.

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