Jumeirah Bali: Charming Escape

Jumeirah Bali is a true architectural marvel and masterpiece.

Bali is a mystical charming island, that one may frequent many times. But each trip is simply enchanting in its own unique way.

Jumeirah Bali

Having visited Bali since I was a teenager. I find myself returning every year, and each time I bring home a different memory. This time around I had the pleasure of staying at the luxurious all-villa Jumeirah Bali. A true architectural marvel and masterpiece. Upon arrival, perch on the hill of Uluwatu you feel like you can almost reach for the clouds. With architecture reminiscent of the glory days of the lost Majapahit Empire, a truly royal welcome awaits. With ponds surrounding the lobby entrance, and breathtaking views of its vast property. You truly feel like you’ve arrived in paradise.

Jumeirah Bali

Jumeirah Bali Entrance.

Jumeirah Bali offers a sanctuary of tranquillity and relaxation. Lush greeny surrounds the grounds, with unmatched views of the Indian ocean. The ideal escape for your honeymoon, to renew your vows to simply to take some time out from your hectic life.

This is the Jumeirah Group’s first expansion into its international portfolio outside of Dubai. Located in the stunning Uluwatu region Southwest of Bali. The all-villa luxury resort sits gracefully on the beach area of Uluwatu – one of the most coveted locations on the island.

Jumeirah Bali

Sunset View of Jumeriah Bali.

The design and architecture of this property takes inspiration from Hindu-Javanese culture and a verdant water-based sanctuary of luxury. Jumeirah Bali pays a poetic tribute to the golden era of Majapahit Empire, a Javanese Hindu-Buddhist kingdom that reached its apogee in the mid-14th century.  The property features an enchanted garden with a 120-year-old red Bodhi tree which is believed to be a benevolent spirit and protector.  A powerful spiritual symbol in the Majapahit era, the Bodhi tree was known as the “tree of awakening.” And traditionally planted at the entrance to royal dwellings and religious sites.


The Swimming pool

Jumeirah Bali

The pool overlooking the views of the Indian ocean.

Uninterrupted views of the ocean surround the swimming pool area. Take a leisurely swim in the pool or relax in the jacuzzi while you enjoy the views and clear your mind. A private staircase leads you down to the public beach, where you can enjoy the sunset with a gentle breeze, as you take a walk in paradise.  The Jumeirah Bali is designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Spending a few nights here is sure to clear your mind and relax your body.

“The concept of Jumeirah Bali was conceived by PT Asia Pasifik Property as a sophisticated, subtly impactful sanctuary that heals through exquisite architecture and landscaping, as well as promoting local arts and crafts,” said Rudy Sundungdolok of PT Asia Pasifik Property, the project’s developer. “In response to the brief, the designers created an enchanting water palace where the legends of the lost Majapahit Empire come alive in Bali’s most iconic location. In décor, a variety of rich textures and details representing Indian and Chinese influences help to carry the story and set the emotional tone.”

The Villa

Stunning spacious villas are perched atop the limestone cliffs each with its own unique views of the ocean or garden.

The luxurious resort offers 123 villas in one- and two-bedroom designs, as well as a four-bedroom Royal Water Palace. All villas feature sublime tropical views of the Indian Ocean and mesmerising lush green natural beauty of Bali. Each villa has a private pool and outdoor living area with an open pavilion overlooking the sunset horizon or a landscaped tropical garden.

While staying at Jumeirah Bali, you are encouraged to indulge in a spiritual, secluded, and soulful experience. The resort also provides exclusive access to a private beach for a secluded enclave to relax.

An ode to Bali’s natural beauty and the island’s fascinating history, Jumeirah Bali’s indoor-outdoor architecture is designed to create a seamless flow between the architecture, interior, and landscape, blending indigenous building materials with contemporary and luxurious comfort, to transport guests to an authentic Balinese haven of understated elegance with an opulent touch.

Dining at Jumeirah Bali

Jumeirah Bali offers exceptional dining experiences. Guests have the option to dine at three signature restaurants and bars overseen by Master Chef Vincent Leroux. Each offers awe-inspiring views across the island’s crystal blue waters and stunning sunset panoramas.

AKASA Restaurant & Bar


AKASA Restaurant & Bar is Bali’s new hippest restaurant. The restaurant features an indoor dining area with an open-plan kitchen, so you can watch your meat cooking on the grill. The stunning outdoor deck overlooks the Indian Ocean, offering stunning picturesque views. Capture the best sunset in Uluwatu, only at AKASA Restaurant & Bar.

A resident musicologist and specialist Mixologist complete the scene, providing the perfect spot to relax and enjoy spectacular sunsets over delicious creations.

AKASA Restaurant & Bar’s Asian fusion menu was created by Chef Joan Achour. She creates a cuisine rich with smoky flavours of Bali while referencing Thai, Japanese and Korean cuisines as well. She focuses on dishes that are perfect for sharing. Chef Joan pays tribute to Bali’s time-honoured tradition of serving family-style meals on large platters.

AKASA Restaurant & Bar’s menu is also an ode to nourishing dishes of Bali cooked over an aromatic, wood-fired flame that uses seasonally changing local firewood. Some of the stand-out appetisers are the grilled Jimbaran prawns, charcoal Wagyu beef salad and fresh oysters.

Chef Joan’s mains offer a variety of seafood, from giant blue river prawns with mango, whole scallops and local seabass cooked in banana leaf.  However, the star dishes are made for meat lovers. The must-order dishes are the Wagyu tenderloin MB 8/9 with Chinese apple and truffle; tender lamb rack with yakiniku sauce; and premium T-bone and tomahawk steaks served with a choice of sides and sauces.


Located by the oceanfront is the all-day dining restaurant SEGARAN. Offering exquisite Balinese and South-East Asian cuisine, focused on exceptional ingredients with a ‘farm to table’ philosophy. It offers a wonderful selection for breakfast with a mini buffet and made-to-order local and western dishes.

For lunch or dinner, enjoy a traditional Indonesian spread. Rice is served with an array of local dishes such as fried chicken, sambal, grilled fish, and stir-fried vegetables.

Maja Sunset Lounge

Maja Sunset Lounge is the ideal evening spot to enjoy mesmerising sunsets with cocktails and finger food. Enjoy a sundowner overlooking the vast ocean.

Talise Spa

Jumeirah Bali offers an array of wellness activities to help guests find inner-balance. Talise Spa offers world-class treatments by expert spa therapists, including holistic facials, healing and energising massages, cleansing scrub treatments, and stress-release therapies based on ancient Balinese techniques and traditional herbal preparations.


Start your day with guided meditation or Yoga classes for an all-encompassing holistic retreat hosted by Jumeirah Bali’s resident Master Yogi.

Sustainability Efforts

Jumeirah Bali is committed to sustainable practices, featuring the most advanced desalination system in the world and a waste management programme that aims to benefit the community by engaging the locals in the resort’s recycling efforts. The property’s overall community outreach programme is centred on collaborative activities organised in coordination with a local village head, including initiatives that focus on preserving the pristine environment, recruitment drives that prioritise local hires, and active participation in local religious festivals and parades.

General Manager Ram Hiralal

Jumeirah Bali’s General Manager Ram Hiralal

Overseeing the new resort as General Manager is Ram Hiralal, who brings with her a wealth of expertise working for luxury lifestyle brands operating exclusive hotel and resort portfolios across Malaysia, Thailand, Maldives and Bali.

For more information, please visit www.jumeirahbali.com or contact jbareservations@jumeirah.com for bookings.

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