Ionic Cars Lets You Upgrade Your Vintage Car Into An Electric Vehicle

Ionic Cars Lets You Upgrade Your Vintage Car Into An Electric Vehicle

Fans of old classic cars will be happy to know that UK’s Ionic Cars offers its services to convert beloved classics into fully electric vehicles.

The current hype around all-electric vehicles is mainly centred around new cars but one UK startup is going in the opposite direction, converting beautiful vintage vars into fully electric vehicles.

Ionic Cars is looking to revitalise those glamorous cars from the 1960s to 1970s and give them a significant overhaul to their aesthetics, features and driving performance.

Looking to honour the beauty and workmanship of each car, Ionic Cars goes through a painstaking restoration process that breathes new life into classic cars by refurbishing the bodywork, customising the interiors and converting it to a bonafide state-of-the-art electric car. All this for a sum of USD200,000 to USD300,000. They can go as far as choosing vegan leather seats, add heated seats and matching luggage.

The first models are expected to hit the road in June 2020. Cars ranging from E-Type Jaguars, Porsche 911s and Mercedes-Benz 230 SL Pagodas are among the classic models that Ionic Cars claims to be able to give the zero-emissions conversion treatment.

Collectors need not worry about stripping away its collectable value, as Ionic Cars claims the process is reversible. Akin to performing a heart-transplant, Ionic Cars removes the vehicles existing power unit and drive train while preserving all the engine mounts and fixing. They implant the power cells and power units with no disruption to the exterior of the car. The engine itself is encased in a bespoke Perspex acrylic glass case thus allowing the owner to customise the vehicle.

The conversion of the cars is said to take over a period of six months with Ionic targeting to convert three every month. Once converted, the fully electric classic vehicles are said to deliver a range of 257km.

Classic vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz 230SL may soon be fun to drive once again.

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