Immerse yourself in art during your stay at The House Collective's properties with Encounters Across Cultures

Immerse yourself in art during your stay at The House Collective’s properties with Encounters Across Cultures

Seeds of Life

If both art and travelling enriches the life, then how about doing both at the same time?

At Swire Hotels’ The House Collective, you can do just that from the comfort of your hotel. The launching of their inaugural Encounters Across Cultures art programme spans all four House Collective properties so guests can be immersed in the local and global cultures that come together at each hotel.

Encounters Across Cultures features work by Katja Loher, a multidisciplinary artist from Switzerland.

The first edition is themed Seeds of Life and features the work of New York-based Swiss artist Katja Loher, whose multidisciplinary art has won her several awards and has been exhibited across the globe including at the Venice Biennale. She will be creating unique pieces for each of the four The House Collective properties that are all inspired by the five Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water and brought to life through Loher’s ‘video sculpture’ technique that projects videos of curated choreography from her encounters with local artists. These video sculptures highlight the distinct environment of each city, and shows The House Collective’s relationship with the art scene in their four locations.

The first installation opened in March as part of Gallery Weekend Beijing’s line up of programmes, which Loher titled Where does the Dew Reflect the Newborn Bees?, and focuses on contemporary Chinese Art in the form of five ‘videoplanets’ that sit in the hotel’s atrium. The videoplanets will stay on exhibition in The Opposite House till the 21st of April.

Encounters Across Cultures will then be moving on to The Upper House Hong Kong in May, The Middle House Shanghai in August and finally The Temple House Chengdu in September.

The exhibition Where does the Dew Reflect the Newborn Bees? hangs in The Opposite House’s atrium.

A behind-the-scenes shot at Katja Loher speaking with local artists while preparing her artwork.

Seeds of Life, the first edition of The House Collective’s Encounters Across Cultures will move on from Beijing to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chengdu.

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