Hermès' Passifolia Collection: Tableware To Treasure

Hermès’ Passifolia Collection: Tableware To Treasure

Elevate your home dining experience with Hermès’ latest Passifolia collection.

Hermès’ Passifolia latest collection of tableware is a lush, tropical paradise that’s instantly ready to elevate any lockdown dine-in situation. This is tableware to treasure, of course, and the collection while serving its purpose and pleasure now, is also an investment for future generations to have and hold. The collection is also diverse, bearing in mind Hermès’ international clientele and including bowls of various sizes to suit Asian needs.

Every plate, platter, teapot and cup has been exquisitely hand-painted by French artisans in lifelike, rich detail right down to its gold lining. creating a veritable Eden in porcelain. The dream-like tropical garden was conceived by artist Nathalie Rolland-Huckel (who was also responsible for the popular Hermès’ Siesta and Cheval d’Orient collections)  employing a palate of 32 different colours. Each item in the collection bears the signature of the artisan.

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