Hennessy X.O’s Greatness Odyssey Is Leading From The Heart Of Johor To Your Glass

It was a magnificent celebration that revolves around the pursuit of excellence and the art of exploration.
Hennessy X.O

Dato’ Sri Edwin Tan with guests of Hennessy X.O’s Greatness Is an Odyssey

The definition of success has undergone a profound transformation over the years. It’s no longer confined to financial metrics alone; it’s also about the connections made, the experiences gained and the influence one wields. Hennessy X.O, the world-renowned cognac brand, has embarked on a  journey to celebrate exceptional leadership among a new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Hennessy X.O’s Greatness Is an Odyssey

In a momentous collaboration that unites the global prestige of Hennessy X.O with the wisdom of recognised local business leaders, Greatness Is An Odyssey emerges as a tribute to the innovative minds behind some of the most successful businesses in Malaysia. The hosting of this celebration by five accomplished business leaders in four major states underscores the diversity of Malaysia‘s business environment. Each host represents a unique perspective and a wealth of experience.

Dato’ Sri Edwin Tan Pei Seng, Managing Director of Joland Group, stands as the first among these outstanding individuals, marking the commencement of a series of events dedicated to celebrating the excellence embodied by Hennessy X.O’s chosen business leaders.

Hennessy X.O

Dato’ Sri Edwin Tan Pei Seng giving his speech

Johor Bahru, with its thriving business community, was the perfect stage to kickstart this unique odyssey. This captivating celebration delved into the world of cognac and shines a spotlight on the exceptional quality of young leadership emerging within the entrepreneurial landscape of Malaysia.

Hosted by Dato’ Sri Edwin Tan Pei Seng, Hennessy X.O’s “Greatness Is An Odyssey” is redefining success with a new generation of visionary entrepreneurs. Here, a lavish affair held in the Grand Paragon Hotel promised an evening of unparalleled elegance and gratitude.

Being recognised as one of Hennessy X.O’s “Greatness Is An Odyssey” business leaders is a significant achievement for me. However, it also reminds us that success is a journey of exploration, creativity and drive for excellence. As a leader, having a clear vision for the business and planning to achieve it are essential for success. The property business is constantly evolving, so we need to be creative and able to change to overcome challenges. The progress and success of this Paragon Gateway project are a direct outcome of our determination to keep pushing boundaries. – Dato’ Sri Edwin Tan Pei Seng, Managing Director of Joland Group

Guests had the honour of immersing themselves in the realm of Hennessy X.O, uncovering the finesse and intricacy that characterise every carefully crafted decanter.

The Hennessy X.O appreciation dinner, curated by Imperial Paragon Cuisine, was an evening of culinary artistry and fine spirits. It encapsulated the essence of Hennessy X.O, seamlessly blending the richness of Chinese cuisine with a contemporary Asian flair. The cognac’s intricate notes were brought to life, tantalising the taste buds and leaving a lasting impression for the excellence embodied by Hennessy X.O.

Hennessy X.O

Hennessy X.O

This extraordinary cognac, meticulously crafted from over 100 eaux-de-vie, conjures up a delightful interplay of suppleness, lightness, and roundness. A creation born in 1870 by the visionary Maurice Hennessy, Hennessy X.O is an exceptional cognac, celebrated for its graceful, silky character and finely nuanced and balanced aromatic qualities. Its rich, coppery gold hue serves as a testament to the countless years it has patiently aged in the embrace of old casks.

The event further showcased an astonishingly creative interpretation of Hennessy X.O’s seven distinct tasting notes. Each note, like a musical chord, contributed to the harmonious composition of the evening. Furthermore, Hennessy X.O’s commitment to perfection was on full display as its seven tasting notes found expression in signature cocktails, where the ideal blend of high-quality ingredients allowed the cognac’s flavours to shine while adding unique individuality to each creation. With these exciting combinations, the iconic cognac has evolved into a modern and versatile drink.

Meanwhile, the Shanghai Vogue Trio’s performance of the night included a series of classics old and new.

Shanghai Vogue Trio Performance at Hennessy X.O’s Greatness Is an Odyssey

As the evening drew to a close, two lucky guests emerged as winners of a coveted bottle of Hennessy X.O and the exclusive Hennessy X.O Kim Jones Limited Edition each. It was a fitting conclusion to an evening filled with luxury, sophistication, and unforgettable moments.

It was a night to remember, where the world of spirits and gastronomy converged, leaving guests with a lasting appreciation for the excellence embodied by Hennessy X.O.

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