Gulfstream's New MYR311 million G700 Rises As The World's Largest Private Jet

Gulfstream’s New MYR311 million G700 Rises As The World’s Largest Private Jet

Fly with style in Gulfstream’s latest and most innovative private jet, the G700.

Gulfstream has taken the wraps off its new flagship private jet, the G700 which is poised to take the crown as the world’s largest and most expensive private jet priced at USD75 million (MYR311 million).

The result of the company’s decades-long investment in research and development, the G700 heralds a new era for Gulfstream.

On the outside, the G700 measures 33m-long and 8m-tall. Inside, the 2.5m wide cabin is boasted to be the most spacious and flexible in the private jet industry.

Gulfstream states the G700 can fly 13,890km at March 0.85 or 11,853km at a quicker Mach 0.90. The ability to fly at faster speeds (Mach 0.90 versus Mach 0.80) gives customers more time, lower annual expenses for maintenance, parts and services, and shorter crew days for safer operations.

Inside, the all-new cabin of the G700 can be configured with up to five living areas. This includes options for an extra-large ultragalley with a lounge or crew compartment, a size-place dining or conference room and finally a master suite with shower.

Travel in comfort in the G700’s new seats which are handcrafted and can be converted into ergonomic beds. Also, the seats are perfectly positioned so passengers can admire the view outside from one of 20 Gulfstream panoramic oval windows, the largest in the industry.

The new G700 also boasts several cabin amenities that will revolutionise business travel, with the inclusion of an advanced circadian lighting system that puts passengers one step ahead of jet lag by simulating the sunlight of your next time zone.

Gulfstream anticipates delivery of the G700 to commence in 2022.

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