5 Bathrooms So Gorgeous You’ll Never Want to Leave

From marble-covered floors to resort feel wood panels, what all these bathrooms have in common is a full-length bathtub to soak in.

Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle De France


Jacques Grange, the Cheval Blanc’s interior designer, was inspired by the idea of a traveller’s diary where each part of the hotel tells a different story. The architecture of the bathrooms, for example, are intended to transport us back through European history. The blue and white tiles feature a geometric, Middle Eastern pattern known as a Moucharabieh.


Ultima Geneva Grand Villa


Imagine taking a shower that’s straight out of an interior design magazine. That’s what this villa is all about. From the walls to the minor details, everything has been designed with the finest furnishings to give guests the full experience of living luxuriously, including enjoying the alpine forests beyond the bathroom windows.


Armani Hotel Milano


What comes to mind when you think of Armani? Best known as a luxury fashion house, it is also a hotelier. The Armani Hotel Milano opened in early 2011, and Giorgio Armani himself designed the bathrooms, which are inspired by Silk Georgette marble and embody elegance, aesthetics and sensuality.


The Datai


Just across the causeway is this luxurious resort where you can unwind and just appreciate nature. Featuring two twin wardrobes, a personal washing basin, a shower area, and a bathtub in the middle, the bathrooms eliminate competition over who gets to take a bath first.


L’Apogee Courchevel

French Oetker Collection Masterpiece Hotel



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