Whisky Set to Power Famed Distillery’s Trucks in Scotland!

Whisky Set to Power Famed Distillery’s Trucks in Scotland!

Looks like William Grant & Sons has just launched a fleet of delivery truck that runs on, yes, Glenfiddich!

Also traditionally known as the water of life, whisky is now also making headlines as a new eco-friendly fuel source as well! Yes, looks like Scottish distillery Glenfiddich has just launched a fleet of specially converted trucks that run on green biogas made from its own whisky waste.

So, please don’t worry… first and foremost nothing is going to waste here, alright?

The ultra-low carbon gas is created by converting production waste and residues from Glenfiddich’s distillation process. the company has also built special fuelling stations at its Dufftown-based distillery in the north of Scotland.


Glenfiddich Whisky


In a campaign aptly named Fuelled by Glenfiddich, this clever innovation marks part of the brand’s wider efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its single malt Scotch whisky production process. The technology has been developed in-house by William Grant & Sons, the company that owns the historic Glenfiddich Scotch brand.

All in all, the innovative closed-loop system is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 99% when compared to diesel and other fossil fuels that are used to power the trucks previously, with each vehicle displacing up to 250 tonnes of CO2 annually! And with such a significant amount of positive reduction, perhaps it’s safe to assume that this isn’t just going to be a public relations stunt now, is it?


Glenfiddich Whisky


It’s also been reported that the first whisky-powered truck is now already in operation. And looks like the new fleet of whisky-guzzling vehicles are planned to handle transportation at every stage of the process, from bottling through to packaging. William Grant & Sons also went on to say that the annual CO2 displacement of each boozed-up truck will have the same environmental benefit as planting up to 4,000 trees every year!

Now isn’t that a nice fact to reflect on the next time you decide to crack open a fresh bottle of Glenfiddich for your quiet drink at home then, eh?

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