The Sleek Norweigian Eight-seater EV With a Range of 1,000km on a Single Charge

The Fresco XL has got so much juice in its battery pack that you can use it as an external power source.
by Kenneth Lee

Fresco Motors AS,

The electric vehicle (EV) arms race continues. Fresco Motors AS, a Norwegian tech company, recently unveiled an absurdly minimalist design for an all-electric vehicle, dubbed the Fresco XL, that purportedly comes with a range of 1,000km on a single charge while supporting an electric motor on each axle. Yes, that means you’d theoretically be able to drive from Hougang to Hat Yai on a single charge – with more than 100km to spare.

And if this number seems eerily familiar – it’s the (simulated) range of the electric vehicle that Mercedes-Benz unveiled at CES 2022, the Vision EQXX. Which begs the question – how exactly does this Norwegian EV plan to edge out its competition and banish range anxiety for the near future?

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Apparently, says COO and member of the board of Fresco Adrian Kristofer Locklindh in a press release, with a combination of a double-stacked, extra-large battery pack and a sleek, aerodynamic design that boosts the vehicle’s efficiency (while making it look a bit like an iPhone on wheels).

Still, it’s an iPhone that moves – and moves well. According to CEO of Fresco Espen Kvalvik, the twin electric motors – one each for the front and back axle – will “ensure better traction on slippery roads”, thus granting the Fresco XL “off-road capabilities as well”. This design feature was their way of making the vehicle ready for “the harsh climates our customers are located in”.

Norway, after all, is home to some of the most beautiful – and treacherous – drives in the world, including the famous 8.2km-long Atlantic Ocean Road.

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The all-electric POD, as its referred to by the company, still finds room for eight passengers. Perfect for a jaunt in the countryside with friends – or a camping trip, where you can “pull down the seats to create a flat surface, put in your bedding and use [the Fresco XL] as a camper”, suggests Adrian.

The large battery pack also doubles up as a reservoir of spare power, which Adrian further suggests can be hooked up to your house or cabin for extra juice.

Don’t get too excited, as production units of the Fresco XL have yet to roll out of Norway. The website also states that specifications are preliminary and may change without notice. So there’s no word yet on when the Fresco XL will really be up for sale, though you can put down €1,000 (S$1,530) to pre-order the vehicle on Fresco’s website, with a final price estimated at around S$153,000.

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