Electrification Set to Save Iconic Classic Cars!

Electrification Set to Save Iconic Classic Cars!

It’s time for a new lease of life for some of the most beautiful cars ever made!

Just try and have a conversation with a typical millennial these days, and perhaps you’ll appreciate the problem. Here is a group of people who are born into a reality of global warming, efficient public transportation, and keener on life-changing experiences instead of making large capital purchases!

So, what’s going to happen to all those fantastic, one-of-a-kind pieces of automotive art from yesteryear, like the gorgeous Porsche 356 coupé and Citroën DS, or even something like the ‘pagoda’ roofed Mercedes-Benz 230Sl from the 1960s, if the current and next generations completely lose interest in commuting with a conventional car?

Well, if you’re a bit of a car geek, then you’ll probably know that petrol or gasoline to electric powerplant conversion for cars is not a new thing. Electrifying a classic car provides the best of both worlds. You get most of the character of the original design (minus the engine noise and gearchanges), but with the reliability and everyday usage possibility of an EV.

A growing number of specialists based in the U.K. and the U.S. are offering a plethora of conversion kits for the business of modding dad’s old Beemer into an EV, but right here in Malaysia, our own JPJ has yet to set rules on doing that just yet! But word around the campfire is, this will soon change as more and more EVs enter the Malaysian market.

Until then, maybe some inspiration is all that we can offer with a bit of a glimpse into some outstanding classic car EV conversions that have already taken place!

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EV4U Porsche 911

Electric classic cars

EV4U is based in Shasta Lake, California and they can convert any ‘911 into an EV, for less than US$24,000. Or if money is no object, they can upgrade everything and give you a total weapon to play with! ‘Basic’ gets you a 14.6 kWh battery pack that’s good for 100 km of range, plus a HPEVS-51 electric motor that pumps out 50 kW and 160 nm of torque. So, expect a top speed of 160 km/h and a 0-100 km/h time that would rival the original car.

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