Feel good while doing good at your next luxurious getaway at these eco-conscious resorts that put a spotlight on sustainability.

At the spiritual heart of Australia lies one of the most spectacular luxury wilderness retreats – Longitude 131˚ by Bailie Lodges. Situated next to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, 16 plush tented rooms on stilts lure in guests with unimpeded views of the mystical Uluru from its own private terrace.

Approved under the Commonwealth Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act, each of these luxury tents have been carefully placed onto the red sand dunes with minimal impact on the delicate natural environment. If the need arises, the entire estate can be disassembled and removed, leaving almost no mark on the protected site. Guests can experience the wonders of the national park through guided sunset hikes to Uluru or the equally mesmerising Kata Tjuta. While out on these excursions, one might have the rare chance to marvel at the small native animals in the area, including Mulgara, a small carnivorous marsupial, or the Great Desert Skink. Both species are part of an active conservation effort by the lodge with specially designated lands and exclusion zones.

While the surroundings offer unrivalled beauty, the interiors of the palatial tents are a magnificence of its own. Inside is a visual homage to the Australian indigenous folk, with memorabilia from indigenous artists from the Maruku, Ernabella, Tjala and Tjumpi Arts Centres. Vibrant artworks, including 500 individually hand-painted tiles from Ernabella Arts Inc – Australia’s oldest indigenous arts centre at the remote indigenous community at Pukatja – adorn the walls of the central lounge areas and bar. Longitude 131° also regularly hosts artists in residence from Ernabella Arts. The retreat’s dedication to promoting indigenous art includes a generous USD100,000 contribution to the art centre’s renowned ceramics programme. It ensures a consistent supply of ceramic posts for the artists and to teach the fine art of crafting ceramics to students of all ages.

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