Do Yourself A Favour and Rejuvenate on Revivo's MYR302,000 Wellness Cruises

Do Yourself A Favour and Rejuvenate on Revivo’s MYR302,000 Wellness Cruises

Find inner peace on a cruise like no other.

Think of cruises and you might envision your typical massive cruise liner with thousands of people on what is essentially a hotel on water. But, take a step back and consider Revivo’s Wellness Cruises, a wellness retreat on a luxury boat that lets you reconnect with your inner self.

While a traditional wellness retreat may see you locked into one location, this unique cruise lets you enjoy all the benefits while being mobile and exploring different locales. The good news is that you do not need to travel far to enjoy the “Diving & Mind Training Retreat” as the cruise primarily sails around the islands of Indonesia.

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Guests can choose to set sail in either a 3-cabin or 5-cabin boat, both of which are eco-friendly sailing vessels. Be as it may, you can expect to enjoy all the comforts of modern amenities with fully equipped bathrooms, electric WC, freshwater as well as a hot and cold pressurised water system.

As you may guess, the boats differ in terms of the number of suites available and certain facilities. The larger boat has a beautiful master cabin with its own viewing deck that is perfect for star gazing at night or sunbathing during the day.

No matter which boat you choose, each suite comes with a comfortable King size bed to retire to at the end of a long day.

Beyond the comforts of the boat itself, the main draw of Revivo’s Wellness Cruise is the activities that you can participate in.

As you are sailing between the different islands you can focus on enhancing your health with yoga and meditation sessions by a wellness coach. Even meals are carefully prepared by a nutritionist to ensure you maintain a balanced diet.

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But if you are more interested in adventuring you opt of diving, deep-sea fishing or trekking the islands to see a real Komodo dragon up close.

From the get-go, everything is completely customisable from the length of the trip, itinerary to the experiences.

No two cruises are alike as new routes are created for returning guests and Revivo even entertains special requests whenever possible.

This exclusive journey can be enjoyed with your significant other and up to four other guests around the waters of Komodo, Banda, Alor or Raja Ampat. In terms of pricing, a six-night cruise on the larger five-cabin boat starts at USD72,000 (approximately RM302,000) for a party of two.

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