Dale Chihuly’s Glass in Bloom Opens in Singapore Alongside the Latest Porsche Taycan Variant

Dale Chihuly’s Glass in Bloom Opens in Singapore Alongside the Latest Porsche Taycan Variant

The American glass sculptor’s new exhibit features an artfully customised Taycan too, for good measure!

If you’re one of those easily fascinated by the idea of harmony between nature, design, and sports cars, then we definitely have some good news for you!

Dale Chihuly, one of the world’s most renowned glass artists from the very hip American city of Seattle has just launched his Glass in Bloom exhibition, taking place amidst the verdant tropical setting of Singapore’s iconic Gardens by the Bay.

Dale Chihuly

And here comes the part where the motorheads out there will start to take notice! The exhibition actually extends to a vibrant Porsche Taycan ‘art car’ display that’s set against the futuristic backdrop of the SG50 Lattice at the Gardens. The car features Chihuly’s own ‘Persians’ series of designs, a celebration of form, scale and colour that was first exhibited in 1986.

Suppose parallels can be drawn with Porsche, the proud car manufacturer that emphasises on quality and invests heavily in innovative technology? Arthur Willmann, Chief Executive Officer of Porsche Asia Pacific, certainly led everyone to believe so with his welcome note.

“Featuring elements from Dale Chihuly’s award-winning exhibition Persians, the Taycan art car is a striking composition of emotion, history, and innovation. The Taycan delivers the unparalleled design and performance that typifies every Porsche for the electric age. The art car brings this passage to life beautifully by juxtaposing an iconic profile against captivatingly dynamic characteristics,” said Willmann at the event.

So, over a two-week period beginning 12 July, invited guests will be offered the opportunity to take the all-electric Porsche Taycan RWD on a test drive around the vibrant horticultural oasis in the heart of Singapore. Following its global launch just in January, the fourth and entry-level of the Taycan model range will make its official debut at the integrated driving experience set to happen in the shadow of the exhibition.

Priced at RM584,561 in Malaysia (from now until 31 December 2021, because of the ongoing tax holiday), the latest Porsche Taycan variant is the rear-wheel-drive version of the e-roadster that delivers Porsche typical performance with up to 350 kW of urge, while offering an emissions-free range of up to 484 kilometres.

Of course, Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom is set to run all the way to August 1, but the worsening pandemic situation in Malaysia will probably mean that catching glimpses of it on YouTube and social media is perhaps the best that we can do from here, unfortunately!

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