Cosentino adds colour to their  Dekton line of surfaces

Cosentino adds colour to their Dekton line of surfaces

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Cosentino, the leading innovative design and architecture surfaces brand, spruces up their Dekton line of ultra-compact surfaces with the brand new Chromica colour range. The new collection introduces two colours to the Dekton colour palette, Baltic and Feroe, dark shades of blue and green that are inspired by the shades of nature.

Cosentino worked with architect and designer Daniel Germani to launch the Chromica range, who was looking for shade that can be both technical and organic, and timeless yet modern to work in any setting. The tones of the Baltic and Feroe colours work well, not just in the home and office setting, but also when used together.

The first two colours of Dekton’s Chromica range are perfect for projects that want the feeling of elegance and sophistication. Baltic is inspired by the deep depths of the ocean resulting in that distinct dark blue, while Feroe comes from the unexplored spaces in nature for a dark green that projects warmth yet feels fresh.

Underneath the pretty colours, of course, lies the high-tech craftsmanship and unbeatable quality that defines Cosentino’s Dekton surfaces. Made using porcelain, glass and quartz, the Dekton ultra-compact surface is resistant to almost everything, including UV rays, scratches, stains and sudden changes in temperature. Despite that, they are low maintenance and durable to guarantee long-lasting use.

Experience Cosentino’s Dekton Chromica range at their showroom in Taman Industri Sungai Buloh.

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