Object of Desire: Milky Scented Soaps From Celine

The soaps have been crafted to capture the essence of each unique composition, thereby reviving the time-honoured tradition of perfumery.


CELINE’s Haute Parfumerie collection made its debut in 2019, and it has only grown since then. Under the guidance of artistic director Hedi Slimane, the olfactive line has expanded to offer luxurious scented paper, elegant candle cases, and perfume-able ceramics. Today, the brand is lending a perfectly manicured hand with its latest product – a milky-scented bar soap under its “Haute Parfumerie” bath & body line, thoughtfully curated by Slimane.

These exquisite soaps are an art form in itself, as each one is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of its original composition. This practice rekindles the age-old tradition of perfumery, which dates back many centuries. It’s a tribute to a time when scented soaps were the preferred method of perfuming oneself and one’s home. The distinctive fragrance of these beautifully scented soaps can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. They can be used dry and are perfect for storing anywhere to bring out a delicate and long-lasting fragrance to your linens.

What’s not to love? The soaps come as a set of three, which are placed together as custom-selected assortments from a selection of four different offerings – Parade, La Peau Nue, Eau de Califonie and Reptile.

With beautiful attention to detail, each soap is meticulously packaged by hand in white silk paper and sealed with a black sticker stamped with the Triomphe motif. The soaps are presented in a haute parfumerie box, beautifully embossed in grand Siècle mouldings, making it a truly delightful and luxurious object, perfect for gifting.

The design of CELINE scented soaps has been crafted to reflect the faceted cap of the perfume bottle. The “Triomphe” emblem of the house is elegantly engraved on the upper-facing side, while the name of the fragrance is finely lettered on the back.

Composed of an impressive 96% natural ingredients and infused with sweet almond oil and vegetable glycerin, these soaps provide gentle skin cleansing while leaving it soft, delicately scented and pampered.

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