Care to Tame a Fresh Prancing Horse Then?

Care to Tame a Fresh Prancing Horse Then?

Say hello to the limited-run, track-only Ferrari 488 GT Modificata

Did you know that Malaysia’s one and only Formula One-sanctioned speedway is actually available for hire? Yes, the standard hire period at the Sepang Circuit is between 9am to five in the evening. But here’s the thing, though… this will set you back about MYR33,000!

But perhaps there are some special reasons why you’d want to do something so extravagant? And one of them could easily be to fully experience something extraordinary, like the brand-new Ferrari 488 GT Modificata!

This long-awaited thoroughbred from Maranello is the result of the marriage between Ferrari’s GT3 and GTE – some of the most successful models in the history of the Prancing Horse – with the suspension coming from the 488 GTE, the ABS system borrowed from the 488 GT3 Evo 2020, and packing a mighty 700hp from a lovely 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8. 

Unsurprisingly, Ferrari has revealed that ‘Modificata’ pretty much translates to “designs that have been evolved for better performance”. So, perhaps it’s only expected that the car has a multitude of borrowed and improved bits about it.

This highly desirable piece of engineering also benefits from a completely revamped high-downforce aerodynamics, shifting the pressure centre forward. This generates higher downforce at the front without increasing overall drag, making for better efficiency and sensitivity to changes in rear wing angle.

And in order to increase the downforce, the aerodynamics have been fiddled with to a large extent. The roof and uprights are made from aluminium, while the whole body is made from carbon fibre. All this contributes to a downforce of over 1000kg at 230km/h. Simply put, the car sounds like a proper, Ferrari-built ‘track day special’!

Ferrari is also keen to point out that the Modificata features a powertrain “no longer limited by the FIA Balance of Performance” regulations. That means power from the twin-turbo V8 rises to a mind-boggling 690bhp, while a carbon-fibre clutch and the availability of altered transmission ratios allow it to harness the extra performance. 

Completing its list of equipment are Brembo brakes, rear-view camera, tyre pressure monitoring system and a V-Box/Bosch lap telemetry system and a passenger seat (yes, you can take a friend along on your mad track day).

Even though no price has been provided at this stage, owning the new car (and its proud owner) guarantees one admission to Ferrari’s Club Competition GT track events, aimed at bringing the most significant and successful cars in the recent history of Prancing Horse closed-wheel racing together on track. Five soon-to-be announced events around the world will be offered to customers throughout 2021.

Otherwise, there’s always a quick trip to the currently under-utilised Sepang track…

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