Bentley's Electric Vehicle Aspirations Are Put On Hold

Bentley’s Electric Vehicle Aspirations Are Put On Hold

Good things come to those who wait and it is evident that Bentley is going to take its time to perfect its EV.

As the world of luxury cars crosses with the current Electric Vehicle (EV) trend, automakers like Bentley are also on-board to produce their first zero-emission model.

But, as it turns out, the Crewe-based automaker is in no rush to develop its first EV as it prefers to wait out until current battery technology improves.

Bentley’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Adrian Hallmark said in a recent interview with Top Gear that the company is at the very most four to five years away from launching their first fully-electric car.

Bentley has established its reputation as builders of grand tourers, of building impressive commanding vehicles that can travel long distances. As such, any future EV built by Bentley would need to offer a range of more than 480km per charge.

Considering that today’s EV batteries are expensive and their high price would impact the overall cost of the vehicle.

Perfection cannot be rushed and Bentley knows this. Hence, it comes to no surprise that the automaker is opting to take its time to design its next-generation EV. Though Bentley did not offer any specific detail on its EV, it said it would take into consideration the size, weight, shape and passenger capacity when designing it.

While we don’t expect Bentley to unveil its EV anytime soon, realistic estimates point to a 2025/2026 timeframe at the earliest before its first EV rolls out of the factory floor. Until then, all we can do is just wait.


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