Bentley adds new luxurious falconry kit to its Bentayga accessory lineup

British marque provides for the raising of majestic falcons, a deeply-entrenched culture and sport amongst its Middle Eastern customers.

British fine automaker Bentley has added a Bentayga trunk option that’s sure to win over its clients in the Middle East : an installation that can house the (rather stylish) equipment used during a falconry expedition.

Falconry is the art of hunting with the adroit assistance of a bird of prey, and continues to be a popular sport among hot-blooded, well-heeled gents of the region. The most prized falcons make for great status symbols, and often fetch seven-figure sums at auctions.

A million-dollar bird deserves nothing less than the Bentayga Falconry, then. Handcrafted by Bentley’s commissioning arm, Mulliner, the Falconry comprises a flight station where the bird can perch, and a refreshment case that’ll be handy in the desert heat.

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