Armani Hotel Milano Celebrates it’s 10th Years Anniversary

Chef Francesco Mascheroni celebrates 10 years with a menu that consists of the most remarkable dishes over the years.

Armani Hotel Milano

Armani Hotel Milano is celebrating its 10th year anniversary with a special menu. The carefully curated menu features the most exquiste dishes served by Chef Francesco Mascheroni over the years. The Chef is renowned for bringing together classic Italian culinary traditions with an international twist.

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These dishes tell the story of evolution, research and intuition, resulting in a unique style of cooking that pays homage to both Western and Eastern contemporary  techniques. 


The tasting menu takes you through a culinary journey from 2011 up until 2020, featuring Chef Francesco Mascheroni signature dishes from the last decade. The unique menu focuses on purity and authenticity, while the colours of the dishes mirrors the different places and atmospheres in the hotel.

Indulge in the ultimate culinary journey as The Peak takes you through the tasting menu.



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Vegetables and fruits, mango, green tempura, shiso, a starter from this year’s menu.


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