Amouage's Portrayal Man Dares To Break Conventions

Amouage’s Portrayal Man Dares To Break Conventions

A fragrance that brings out the hidden side of one’s personality.

Fragrances are said to be able to stir up emotions in people and sometime transport them to completely different periods of time. That is what Amouage’s latest perfume, Portrayal Man aims to achieve.

The Oman based perfume maker launched their latest Portrayal line of perfumes in Malaysia. Amouage describes the new fragrance as a manifestation or reflection of a person’s unique personality that does not necessarily conform to the norms of society.

The brand expressed a daring claim that one whiff of Portayal’s woody and leather aroma evokes a depiction of the 1920s bohemian culture. Its light spicy facet enriches its woody base of Cade, allowing the fragrance to exude an air of exquisite audacity and illustrate an enlightened energy that is unforgettable.

Amouage’s signature glass crystal bottles are introduced in an iridescent pearl finish adorned with a blue Swarovski crystal for Portrayal. The boxes are a delicate dusty blue with an elegant art deco inspired jacquard.

Amouage’s Portrayal Man is available at its stores with prices starting at MYR820 for a 50ml bottle and MYR1,090 for a 100ml bottle.

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