Engage with the spirit and connect to the culture at the Alila Villas Uluwatu this holiday season

Engage with the spirit and connect to the culture at the Alila Villas Uluwatu this holiday season

Your holiday beckons.

Cornering the market of warm hospitality and stellar service, the Alila Group has outdone themselves once more with several new updates to their Villas. From the launch of their new spa, Cliff Edge Spa, to the ‘8 Regencies Journey’ which takes guests on a culinary adventure through the tastebuds of Indonesia, a trip to Uluwatu should be in your near future. 

Hidden away from public view and perched on the edge of a cliff, as per its namesake, the spa offers a clouded dome of zen with its two-person space. Ideal for a hideaway with one’s partner or even on a solo rejuvenation trip, the open-aired spa offers a variety of treatments carried out by the specially curated Spa Alila team. Opt for a traditional Balinese massage that the locals are known for, or perhaps a sound healing treatment is the right one for you.

From eye rituals to foot soaks to therapeutic treatments meant to invigorate the body, mind and soul, the spa continues to take care of you post-treatment as they offer guests healthy foods and a relaxing space to realign oneself back to reality before stepping back into the public eye. 

Once back at your villa, prepare to dive straight into a feast worthy of royalty with Alila Villas Uluwatu’s ‘8 Regencies Journey’, that allows guests to taste the local delicacies whipped up at the hands of several gourmet guest chefs. On the 25th of September, Chef Wayan Kresnayasa will be elevating several of Indonesia’s iconic dishes using kaffir lime, coriander and turmeric, which are all products native to the Negara and Klungkung regencies. This is followed up by Chef Putu Dodik who with the miraculous use of shallots and black pepper, from the Tabanan and Gianyar regencies, to enhance the local delights to new heights.

Relax for the mind, rejuvenate for the soul and dine with the regencies for the body, Alila Villas Uluwatu is always serving up something new for their guests, in both senses of the terms. 

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