A Scandinavian Mobile Sauna For Our Private Slice Of Wellness Wherever You Go

A Scandinavian Mobile Sauna For Our Private Slice Of Wellness Wherever You Go

This mobile sauna is the perfect addition to your holiday home – or for cosy glamping with a Scandinavian touch of luxury.

Frayed nerves and short tempers abound as we spend a little too long working from home (and staying at home on the weekends). Once this is all over, we could all use a little R&R – and this Copenhagen-based company’s here to provide a little hygge in our lives with their mobile sauna.

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that conveys a mood of conviviality and cosiness associated with contentment, wellness and good company. And there’s nothing cosier than getting into a sauna in the dead of winter.

The Scandinvian mobile sauna is an off-shoot of Native Narrative, an architecture firm headed by architect Jakob Gate and project lead Cecilie Wang. Previously, the pair has spent time in rural Philippines designing and building learning centres for local children.

Photography by Jeppe Michael.

This portable slice of wellness is a great add-on to your holiday home in Montana – but even better if you’re partial to caravan glamping where you can admit that showers and warm beds don’t have to spoil the outdoor experience.

Even if you aren’t much of a camper, there are benefits to having your own private sauna (even in tropical Singapore). Much of this can be attributed to mental health – saunas are excellent for relieving stress, as they improve blood flow and help you to relax.

Photography by Jakob Gate.

A study of 2,300 Finnish men found that those who use saunas more frequently had a lower risk of stroke, heart disease and dementia. And as a bonus, sitting in a sauna helps you burn just a few more calories than regular sitting.

A Harvia wood burning oven provides the heat (though this can be switched out for an electric oven), and the rechargeable interior LED lights can last for up to 30 hours before needing a charge. The mobile sauna comfortably seats a group of eight to ten people.

While there are other mobile saunas on the market, none have the architectural elegance of the all-wood Scandinavian sauna. It combines several timber varieties – fire-resistant Larch cladding protects the sauna from inclement weather, while Scandinavian spruce makes up the interior walls. Finally, aspen is used for the furniture as it’s more comfortable against the skin.

Photography by Jeppe Michael.

This is a sauna that isn’t just great to relax in – it’s a beautiful showcase of how architectural design and luxe comforts work hand-in-hand to improve how we live.

Read more about the mobile sauna here.

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