The Peak Weekend Guide: What’s Happening Around The World This October

Plan a trip to these cities, and immerse yourself in unique cultural experiences, local gourmet food and more.

Gravity Flow by Douglas Mandry

Do something different this October by taking some time out to enjoy these unique experiences from around the world. Our luxury guide takes you to Paris, inviting you to experience the City of Love’s vibrant nightlife, followed by The Hari Hong Kong’s exclusive new South Kyushu & Okinawa Degustation Menu, a  local Art exhibition titled “From Theart 由心出发” by Chinese calligraphy artist Jameson Yap and many more.

PARIS: New Vibes For Bristol After Dark Parties

A glowing beam of purple passion is about to take hold in the heart of Paris. Paris by night is gaining an irresistible new ambience with the freshly reimagined Bristol After Dark evenings at Le Bristol Paris. The bar is now introducing a new concept curated to channel the effervescence, insouciant fun and transcendence of the golden ages of partying.

Injected with new beats of the retro and recent variety, the soundscape will keep the pulse in bubbling motion. Seductive shades of violet will dance off the disco ball’s faceted reflection in a décor that sees the days of Studio 54 revived and intertwined with the plush splendour of a Parisian Palace.

Bristol After Dark will be available for 5 nights per week, Tuesday – Saturday from 10pm until 2am, offering party-seekers a destination to covet almost every evening, as well as modulating between a mix of refreshing Italo-disco, ‘80s pop and mainstream hits.

Le Bar du Bristol

ENGADINE: Appreciate Gravity Flow By Douglas Mandry


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A symbol of fragile yet strong beauty, Swiss glaciers remain a continuous source of inspiration for the Swiss luxury house, La Prairie. The latest cultural endeavour for the Swiss Luxury House supports Douglas Mandry’s artistic mission to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the beauty of nature and its endangered landscapes.

Titled Gravity Flow, Douglas presents his latest artistic work and pushes his artistic expression into a new medium. It is a sculptural work developed as a public installation displayed in Swiss nature meant to address the urgent topic of climate change and its visible impact on Swiss glaciers, visibly receding from melting as a result of the passing of time and climate change.

As an ode to the flowing of time, Gravity Flow is a series of five sculptures – made of 100% recycled glass – presented as a representation and exploration of glaciers, and questioning how humans perceive, represent and interact with their natural surroundings. Combining art and science – the two foundational pillars of La Prairie – the House supports a thought-provoking art installation to bring a message of temporal importance, from Switzerland to the world.

Gravity Flow is exhibited outdoors on the Muottaz Muragl peak in the Swiss mountains of Engadine for a full year, starting in August 2022.

WAN CHAI: Feast South Kyushu & Okinawa Degustation Menu


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On a cold windy day, a line of culinary pleasures can match the weather try the new South Kyushu & Okinawa Degustation Menu at The Hari Hong Kong. In a partnership with Mizunara, the Whisky, Japanese Shochu & Awamori specialist, Zoku Restaurant & The Terrace presents this specially curated menu, boasting the best ingredients from the prefectures of Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Okinawa.

Available only for dinner from 5th October to 4th November, guests can opt for a six-course or eight-course menu curated by Chef de Cuisine Edwin Guzman. Each course will be complemented with a hand-picked cocktail, Shochu, and Awamori selections to elevate and enhance the tasting experience.

The South Kyushu and Okinawa culinary journey will start with appetizers and then be followed by a few of the masterful creations from Kyushu with rich flavourful fish broth, shishito, and mint. The first dessert of Citrus Sorbet made with peach, tangerine, and shochu from Kumamoto followed by Tofu Strawberry from Okinawa with strawberries from different parts of Japan infused with Okinawa brown sugar will bring this fascinating meal experience to a perfect end.

The Hari Hong Kong

KUALA LUMPUR: Dive Into The Calligraphy Art By Jameson Yap

The first solo exhibition titled “From Theart 由心出发” by Chinese calligraphy artist Jameson Yap (also known as JY) at Tsutaya Books is undoubtedly an exciting one to visit this weekend. Jameson is no stranger to the art scene as his work transcends language, culture, and religion – he has been named as the Featured Artist of the Month at one of the most sought-after bookstores in Kuala Lumpur.

A homegrown creative who champions the art of Chinese calligraphy through his innovative and contemporary lens. Dubbed the River Stroke (‘Liu Su’ in Mandarin), his pieces don’t only portray the traditional stylized writing in a different light – he also aims to express the style, influences, and characteristics of his late grandfather, a Malaysian who grew up in Nanyang, China.

Held at Tsutaya Books in Pavilion Bukit Jalil, the exhibition took over the Art Gallery corner featuring a curated selection of JY’s artwork that pays homage to memory, joy, love, anguish, and desire. Some of the highlights include 花若盛開,蝴蝶自來 (“butterflies will come when flowers are in efflorescence” in English), 路遥知马力,日久见人心 (“Distance tests a horse’s strength, time reveals a person’s character” in English) 感恩 (“gratitude” in English) and more.

The JY Calligraphy exhibition is now happening at Tsutaya Books until the 30th of October. In conjunction with the exhibition, JY will also be launching his book titled ‘The River-Stroke’ – a collection of some of his best works. On the 29th of October, a book signing and a meet-and-greet session will also be held. Drop by for a live calligraphy segment to see the artist in action.

LUANG PRABANG: Visit The Newly Opened Restaurant Tam Nan

Located in the spectacular mountain region of Laos, Belmond Hotel Luang Prabang is welcoming the launch of Tam Nan, the flagship restaurant of La Résidence Phou Vao. Meaning “Legendary” or “Legend” in the Laotian language, Tam Nan pays homage to the region’s traditional cooking techniques that honour heritage and authenticity, while bringing to life the culinary vision of Executive Chef Larisa Vesterbacka and a ‘Heart to Table’ concept that is rooted in genuine Laotian hospitality.

In Tam Nan’s tasting menu, Chef Larisa was inspired to create dishes using traditional slow-cooking methods to extract rich Laotian flavours, such as cooking bamboo, banana leaves, and fresh coconut over a charcoal grill or stewing soup in a clay pot. Rice will also be prominent on the menu, harvested from wetland or dryland farming in Laos and created in a variety of sticky and steamed rice options recommended for various accompaniments to soups, vegetables, Laap, and meats.

Restaurant Tam Nan 

Watch this space for more upcoming festive.

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