Malaysian Fashion Designers Unite To Help Frontliners In Battle Against Covid-19

Malaysian Fashion Designers Unite To Help Frontliners In Battle Against Covid-19

Healthcare workers can finally breathe a sigh of relief as more Personal Protection Equipments (PPE) will be distributed to hospitals in the Klang Valley thanks to several Malaysian fashion designers.

Each of us has a role to play in the battle against Covid-19. For most of us, we are tasked with staying home to help curb the spread of the disease.

At the time of writing Malaysia’s total number of Covid-19 cases numbered at 2,626. With such a large number of patients flooding hospitals, many healthcare workers simply do not have enough personal protection equipment (PPE) to protect themselves as they treat new Covid-19 patients.

Not content to idly sit by while health professionals on the frontlines battle Covid-19, Malaysian fashion designers such as Datuk Radzuan Radziwill, Celest Thoi and Khoon Hoi are all lending a helping hand to our brave doctors and nurses by sowing vital new PPEs and delivering them to hospitals.

For those unfamiliar, PPEs are basically the garments worn by healthcare workers to minimise their exposure to Covid-19. This includes protective bodysuits that cover a person from head-to-toe, shoe covers, gloves as well as eyewear.

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*More PPE Hospital Gowns Urgently Needed for Our Frontliners* This fundraiser was initiated by MODA, in partnership with FashionValet and IMARET to help the fashion designing and creative community to buy and sew PPE hospital gowns for our frontliners. _ Hospitals are in urgent need of more PPE hospital gowns. PPE hospital gowns are very important to protect them when dealing with patients or screening patients, so that they donโ€™t contract the virus themselves. Because it is disposable, our hospitals need many of them. Please help us protect our frontliners! _ Malaysian Fashion Designersโ€™ Association (a non-profit NGO) has initiated a project to supply PPEs for frontliners. Funds will be administered by MODA to buy the fabric to be distributed to designers and volunteers involved to sew PPE hospital gowns as fast as possible. _ Together with MODA, FashionValet will help with the fundraising and IMARET will assist the distribution to their network of hospitals. We have also set up a fund raising link where you can male your donation besides the QRCodes .See link in our bio. _ We are also grateful to have Dato Radzuan Radziwill, Khoon Hooi, Alia Bastamam, InnaiRed, Melinda Looi, Celest Thoi, Jimmy Lim, Key Ng, You Sheng, Keith Kee, Kit Woo, MODA members and their seamstresses, who are all volunteering to cut and sew these hospital gowns for frontliners. MODA will continue to source materials and buy other PPE items, which are urgently needed. _ "The funds raised will be used to buy the hospital gown fabric and other protective gear. Then MODAโ€™s team of designers and volunteers will sew the gowns to be sent to our KKM personnel who need these gowns to protect them so they can do their jobs safely because they too have their own families to think about." โ€“ MODA. _ Help us to help them. If you are also interested to help with sewing, you can email [email protected] or WhatsApp 012-8580899. MODA would welcome you with open arms! _ We thank you in advance. Please continue to support us and follow us here where there will be postings about the progress of the PPE fabrication and distribution. _ Let's keep our frontliners safe! *Not eligible for tax exemption.

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The Malaysian Official Designer Association (MODA), whose president is veteran designer Melinda Looi, has created a fundraising campaign to help its members create new PPEs. Though it was a private project among MODA members at first, it eventually reached outside of the association to the public sphere where members of the public have asked to contribute to the cause.

According to MODA in an Instagram post, the money will be used to buy the materials for its team designers to create the PPEs and these finished products will be sent to the Health Ministry.=

On an individual scale, Datuk Radzuan said he initiated this effort as a way to help doctors and nurses who are not able to procure their own PPEs yet are forced to work tirelessly to save the lives of Covid-19 patients.

In an Instagram post, Datuk Radzuan called on volunteers with sewing skills to help him create more PPEs. Radzuan is seen in his home in his Instagram video demonstrating how he makes the PPEs by cutting light blue fabric and stitching it together on his sowing machine.

Those living in the Klang Valley willing to contribute need only provide their address to him and he will arrange for the materials to be sent over using the on-demand delivery service Lalamove.

Finished PPEs will be collected by Lalamove and sent back to him for quality control check before they are finally sent to the hospitals.

He added that he will add more videos and pictures on his Instagram account with instructions on how to make the PPEs in the coming days for those helping to follow along.


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