Who’s Behind Dusit Central Park, Bangkok?

The Peak Malaysia interviews Ms Kovavisaruch, CEO of Vimarn Suriya Company Limited and Somkiat Lo-Chindapong, Deputy Managing Director of A49- the people behind Dusit Central Park Bangkok.

Dusit Central Park is set to continue Dusit’s philosophy for sustainable business under the concept, Here for Bangkok, by enhancing existing infrastructure to alleviate traffic, creating new opportunities for local businesses, and delivering new lifestyle and business experiences. The new project, developed in collaboration with Central Pattana, is envisioned as a new city landmark designed to transform this area of Bangkok into the prime core of the CBD, ultimately setting the standard for mixed-use projects in the city. With the group’s rooted  “Always Gracious” service, the new landmark built inspired by four spheres of interest such as heritage and innovation, unrivalled connectivity, lush quality of life, and meaningful experiences. 

“In terms of our marketing strategy, we benefit from our solid customer base that stays loyal to the Dusit brand,” Ms La-ead commented. “However, our team places no less importance on international customers as well. We are planning roadshows overseas this year, starting with countries in Asia, then the Middle East where the Dusit brand boasts a strong customer base. I believe when the pandemic finally eases, we’ll be able to access our target group more easily.” 

Interview with Ms Kovavisaruch, CEO of Vimarn Suriya Company Limited

Ms. La-ead Kovavisaruch, Chief Executive Officer of Vimarn Suriya Company Limited

La-ead Kovavisaruch, Chief Executive Officer of Vimarn Suriya Company Limited, the developer of the Dusit Central Park project sat down with The Peak for a conversation during our recent visit to Bangkok. She shared the reason behind building three towers, a review platform, and the true immune concepts. In addition, the hotel is designed where every single unit is facing the park, all three towers receive sunlight and are facing north.

What are the unique features of this new development?

We cannot claim we have the biggest project skill in Asia, because we think the biggest one is not necessarily the best. We are unique and have the best location with the perfect matching of all the necessary elements for our development. I’d love to point out our Roof Park – we are bringing nature to our development, to create a greener neighbour. We planted victor leaf  trees that can produce more leaves while cooling down the whole area.

Are there any traditional Thai elements that you have incorporated into the interior or structure of the building?

Yes! Everything here has a meaning. We kept the old building well maintained  and will restore our interior. We are bringing back the signature fountain and the first contemporary painting by national artists to become part of the engineering. The high-thrive roof, we kept every piece of it and will have it installed in one of our restaurants. There is so much more we are looking to infuse into the design and are looking forward to it.

Dusit Central Park currently stands at 40 percent sales reservations confirmed in just six months since its unveiling last August. What do you think are the key aspects that lead to this?

Dusit brand is a big name for people around the world. Most of them have been growing up with the Dusit brand. So, when they know, we are going to build up this luxury residence, they came right away. Thai people love this location and are loyal to the brand, and these two things help us besides the product itself.

Interview with Architect 49 

Somkiat Lo-Chindapong, Deputy Managing Director of A49

Who’s behind the meticulous design detail and architectural work of Dusit Central Park and Dusit Residence? The fascinating design is from Dragon Company Limited together with OMA Asia based in Hong Kong. Architects 49 International is the lead consultant for this big project. The Peak Malaysia had the opportunity to speak with architect Somkiat Lo-Chindapong, Deputy Managing Director of A49 Limited, he shared more about the concept of this project.

What are some of your famous iconic projects here in Thailand?

Prince Mahidol Hall | Images: A49

We did many projects. What worked on a theatre for music – Prince Mahidol Hall. It’s in one of the biggest universities, but they don’t have any images like all the famous campuses with a rich history. The hall speaks for itself in its design, it’s both iconic and memorable. I was a novice, then we created this its one of our most successful designs.  

Can you tell us about your involvement in this project and your thoughts when you got the project?

First of all, the organization has to start with conceptualization and focus more on the landmark. Less on the practicality side, but more on the landmark site, and finally, it blends with the functionality side as well. And once the option was chosen, then we started to be involved with making it more realistic.

I believe Malaysia and Singapore are advanced in terms of residential design for Southeast Asia. We are responsible for the three towers and there’s another team working on the retail side. In the end, we kind of had to combine everything. So, it’s cohesive, from interior to modern design to landscape. All the big project designers were involved.

Dusit Central Park plays a key role in providing a dynamic green urban community. How have you realized this dream of a dynamic green urban community? 

Let’s talk about this sort of environment and sustainability altogether which I think are demanding nowadays. I believe every architecture project is more developed and innovative than in the past because of the force of nature. Just like energy saving time, you can’t use a single press anymore, it has become a norm, and this is not exactly an innovation. The innovation part is to highlight the rooftop garden, that’s a more natural kind of setting within the development. We hope to see some sort of ecosystem by adding more green space to this corner of Bangkok. It’s going back to how tropical living should be in a high-rise building.

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