The Peak Weekend Guide: The Festival of Lights

Let’s celebrate the Festival of Lights with these exciting and fun activities from incredible foods to meaningful events.

Deepavali 2022 Malaysia

Diwali, or Deepavali is a significant festival for all Indian and Hindu communities in Malaysia. This year, Diwali is observed on the 24th October and will be celebrated over five days.  The Festival of Lights is the time to immerse yourself in Indian culture, the sounds of exploding fireworks and savour a gastronomic Indian meal.

Here’re the activities to do during this Festival of Lights.

Indulge In Regional Indian Cuisine

Immerse In The Land of Lights

Bursting fireworks, Diwali glowing Diya, and flowers are what we can’t miss. Kuala Lumpur’s skyline will be aglow with fireworks around Brickfields in Kuala Lumpur. If you are looking for more excitement, Little India is the place to be, visit their shops for traditional Indian clothes, Indian spices and enjoy an array of local  Indian delicacies.

Ignite Your Style With Pandora

When it comes to styling, Pandora has no rules and its versatility is truly limitless. In celebration of the festival of lights, bright colours are must-haves and jewellery is undoubtedly the utmost essential. Mixes of coloured gems on rose gold and silver jewellery not only add bling to your OOTD but enhances your entire look, the perfect style for this upcoming Deepavali celebrations.

Traditional Henna Art

Mainly used during special occasions, Henna is the perfect way to elevate your festive outfits. Let’s dive into decorative patterns of henna art and see how they define self-expression through various mixes of lines. Create your unique story this Diwali celebrations at Central Market.

 Elevete Patisserie’s Deepavali Special

Speaking of feasts, Elevete Patisserie has crafted a gorgeous collection of Deepavali delectables inspired by the beauty and intricacies of Deepavali, named The Deepavali Special Collection. This collection will definitely bring light to your celebration with family. There are three sets to choose from, Diwali Cupcakes, Diwali Delight Treats, and Diwali Party Bites.

The Deepavali Special Collection is available exclusively for same-day purchase and delivery from now to 24th October 2022. Order yours on

 Happy Diwali!

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