Biz of Re X Portluxe: Shop For a Good Cause

 Re-Love, Sustainable shopping for a good cause.

Biz of Re X Portluxe


At Biz of Re, we are committed to growing the Malaysian Arts and Entertainment industry. We launched a year-long campaign  #ApaKhabarAnakSeni to create awareness about the difficulties faced by the Arts and Entertainment industry.

What is #ApaKhabarAnakSeni?

It is Biz of Re’s year-long campaign, to help gather funds for the Arts and Entertainment industry. After a 2 year hiatus due to the pandemic, many artists, hosts, make-up artists, photographers, dancers, DJ’s and the list goes on, have been affected. Many have lost some or all sources of income. As, we move towards an endemic, and begin to rebuild the Arts and Entertainment industry, help us lend a hand to those who need it the most, by giving us your support.

What is Portluxe X Biz of Re?

This collaboration with PortLuxe is truly unique. We were thinking about how to raise funds and decided that we wanted to work with a retail platform that promoted both luxury fashion and sustainability. We love how Portluxe makes pre-loved, RE-LOVED. We contacted friends of Biz of Re to donate their designer accessories for a good cause, the support was overwhelming. We gathered the items and together with our partners Portluxe, we were able to launch a dedicated page for the PORTLUXE X BIZ OF RE initiative which launched on the 25th of May 2022. All proceeds from the sale of the handbags and accessories will go to a charity supporting #ApaKhabarAnakSeni Please do your part, and start shopping.

Biz of Re X Portluxe

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Biz of Re X Portluxe

HERMES White Wide PM Clic H Bracelet

Biz of Re X Portluxe

JIMMY CHOO Silver Metallic Daisy Soft Leather Clutch with Multichain Bracelet

Biz of Re X Portluxe

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