What's Your Wallet Style?

What’s Your Wallet Style?

Here’s a selection of contemporary wallets that would still work quite well in these modern, almost cashless surroundings.

Perhaps while next queueing and observing your distance to the person ahead of you while paying for some take-out, a quick observation will show maybe 80 per cent of customers paying by just waving their bank cards, while some use their mobile phones to scan a QR code that deducts money from their e-wallet.

So, will we no longer carry real wallets soon then?

Well, this thing is, wallets aren’t just for carrying cash now, are they? They are one of the most useful accessories a man or woman can carry. We use them for a wealth of important activities and they provide a safe and secure home for identification cards, passports and lots of other handy essential items that you’d like to have with you.

Also, remember that your wallet should complement your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re an on-the-go professional rushing from an office meeting to a cocktail bar (well, not anymore… for now!). Or maybe you’re a stay-at-home type who still takes pride in your fashion-forward accessories. No single wallet-owner is the same. Your wallet should say something about your unique personality and perhaps the following may just have your name written all over it?

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Harber London Leather Bifold – Luxurious in form and touch for him

Wallet style

Made in Spain from soft and durable full-grain leather, this wallet is the height of quality and luxury. But that’s hardly a surprise as Harber London is known for its classically luxurious designs, high-quality materials, and functional features.

Harber London wallets also stand out in its rich colour options. We particularly love the tan leather hue featured above. The bifold wallet is also available in gorgeous deep dark-brown, black, or navy blue among others. These colours are memorable and unique and create a mood of down-to-earth sophistication. But that’s not all… this bifold wallet also comes with RFID protection as well so the smartcards stored within won’t suddenly trigger any smart sensors nearby!

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