Vintage is new again with Rado’s latest Captain Cook Automatic collection

Vintage is new again with Rado’s latest Captain Cook Automatic collection

Making waves.

Rado, the self-billed ‘master of materials’, has unveiled its new collection of Captain Cook watches that combine its vintage authenticity with modern materials making it updated for a distinctive look.

The new Captain Cook watches emphasise on shapes, colour and materials. Drawing on these great elements that made the 1962 original an icon of its time, the sword, arrow hands and curved dials are distinctive as they are authentic.

There are some differences between the original and the modern interpretation of the watch. Through the use of colours, with the original using a black dial and bezel whereas the new ceramic bezel inlay appears in glossy black.

That is not all, as green, blue and brown versions – colours first introduced at Rado on the True collection in 2016, make their debut with matching combination of dials and bezels.

Adding to that, the sapphire crystal- which was first introduced on the Diastar 1 in 1962 and now feature in all Rado watches – replaces the acrylic glass of the original, adding scratch resistance while detaining its bubble-effect box shape.

The new models feature powerful Swiss made, high quality C07 movement with an extended 80 hour power reserve.

For the latest Captain Cook, Rado has drawn on its six decades of experience has drawn on six decades of experience, reinvigorated an iconic Rado name and united its biggest and best milestones to create a collection that is sure to make waves.

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