Tiffany & Co has a sparkling selection for all lovers

Tiffany & Co has a sparkling selection for all lovers

The fame jeweller will help you spoil that special someone this Valentine’s Day

From its first store in 1837 to its current status of global prominence, famed American jewellers Tiffany & Co enjoys a long history of bringing dreams to life.

The brand is cherished for using rare gemstones, artistic themes and innovative techniques. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, perhaps one should remember that nothing says love quite like the contents of a Tiffany & Co blue box. Yes, these iconic gift boxes have permeated so far into the popular imagination that, these days, you know exactly what shade we’re talking about when we say ‘Tiffany Blue’.

Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard and Color by the Yard necklaces

Its Play for Love Valentine’s Day campaign is spearheaded by its latest Atlas X collection of bangles and rings. First introduced in 1995, this revered jewellery collection is a bold symbol of the luxury house that redefines the familiar Roman numeral motif in an array jewellery, ranging from the Tiffany T and T1 rings, to the mesmerising Tiffany diamond hoop earring.

A reinvention of a Tiffany icon, the Tiffany T and T1 ring designs represent individual strength and perpetual power, worn outwardly to express what lies within. Meanwhile, the diamond hoop earrings are both bold and elegant, representing a modern interpretation of yet another classic design.

And those among us who know their history will also be aware of visionary designer Italian jewellery Elsa Peretti. She has created some of the most legendary jewels of this century for Tiffany & Co, and the simple, evocative shape of her Open Heart design that celebrates the spirit of love is perhaps the star of this year’s Valentine’s Day offering. This treasured icon comes with a streamlined shape, complete with soft, sensual curves showcasing elegant style for the one you love.

Elsa Peretti Open Heart and Color by the Yard pendants

Tiffany T1 ring and bangles

Atlas X bangles and rings

Finally, how about a hand-polished diamond shining at the centre of this delicate and refined sterling silver pendant as a symbol of everlasting love? This is what Peretti’s revolutionary Diamonds by the Yard necklace offers to this year Valentine’s collection. This gorgeous piece features a combination of fine, fluid chains and bezel-set stones that has forever changed the role of diamonds in fashion.

Just remember, love shouldn’t be a competition of any kind… but gift-giving sure is! So, do your best to surprise that special someone with a box of sparkle wrapped in Tiffany Blue this Valentine’s Day.

And just so you know, Tiffany & Co has a nationwide home delivery service if you want to share a token of your affection with a loved one this Valentine’s Day or on any other special occasion. All you need to do is call its stores at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (03-2142 6282) or Suria KLCC (03-2163 2088) and make the necessary arrangements.

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