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From everyday sparklers to oneof- a-kind creations, jewellery has always had a special place in society. During ancient times, these decorative pieces crafted by hand using rudimentary tools were adorned with shells, stones and bones to be used as either protective talismans or as a marker to signify one’s status. As metalworking techniques became more sophisticated, jewellers had more liberty to express their creativity, resulting in the creation of intricate pieces that would be adorned by distinguished members of the aristocracy.

Thanks to the workmanship of these talented artisans from the past, several of these exquisite pieces have not only managed to withstand the test of time, but are also serving a new purpose. Some can be found displayed in renowned museums around the world, offering a window into the past of how these ancient techniques were developed by cultures long forgotten, while others remain stashed away under lock and key in private collections, privy only to the chosen elite.

If there’s any consolation for today’s jewellery enthusiasts, it would be the freedom to select from a plethora of jewellery brands residing at department stores, shopping centres as well as online to suit their individual needs. However, this paradox of choice also puts one at risk of overpaying for a mediocre product, which is a harrowing experience that can potentially deter customers from considering jewellery as a way of celebrating their individuality, commemorating a special occasion or preserving a wonderful memory.

It is because of this that true connoisseurs of fine jewellery have long preferred the services of talented artisans from reputable jewellers over the generic designs manufactured by soulless machines. As a way to preserve this endangered craft, renowned jewellery institutions such as DeGem have established factories dedicated to the art of creating fine jewellery for discerning customers with a genuine appreciation for the finer things in life. And like any exquisite piece of jewellery designed to last a lifetime, one can only hope that this passion will too endure the test of time by being passed down from one generation to the next.


A closer look at the made-to-order jewellery process.

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Every piece of jewellery begins with a sketch. During this process, the designer will discuss with the client to figure out various details based on their needs while weighing out all the options. Watercolour is also used to depict the colour intensity of the selected gemstones and gold as a way to ensure that the final design matches perfectly with the client’s vision.

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