The New Delvaux Fall Collection Is A Masterclass in Craftsmanship

Showcasing true savoir-faire, Delvaux continues to find innovative ways to reinvent some of its most famous designs from the archive.


Known as the oldest leather goods house in the world, Belgian luxury brand, Delvaux was founded in 1829 in Brussels, a year before the kingdom of Belgium was even established. If that isn’t a remarkable enough fact, its founder Charles Delvaux, started off the business as a small leather travel goods boutique and was the first to file a patent for a leather handbag in 1908. 

As one of the first designers to truly understand the need for a handbag as a necessary accessory to stash a woman’s belongings, Delvaux became the first inventor of the modern handbag as we know it today. 


Delvaux Brilliant Mini Teddy.

With a remarkably rich history, Delvaux continues to charm connoisseurs today with its timeless elegance and refined craftsmanship. As you’d expect from a brand that’s over 200 years old, heritage plays a significant role at Delvaux. 

With over 3,000 designs from its archive, the Maison continues to find innovative ways to reinvent some of their most famous designs. This season, humble materials are reinterpreted in new ways when applied to classic silhouettes, adding a touch of contemporary flair. 


Delvaux Sierra.

One of those materials is felt, a textile known for its durability which is fused into the Brilliant GM and Pin Mini Bucket designs using a traditional milliner’s technique and finished off with a contrast triple-thread stitching. 

Belgian heritage and culture are often portrayed in Delvaux’s designs. Architecture enthusiasts will appreciate the structural elements on the Oriel and Stella, where the Maison’s signature D shape is utilised in brass rivets, inspired by the windows typically found on 19th-century Brussels mansions. 


Delvaux Brilliant Toy Stella.

For a more playful take on the Joséphine and the Teddy, fringed leather and soft shearling are styled to evoke the hedonistic spirit of the Roaring Twenties. 

Taking inspiration from a plush toy that can be carried everywhere, the artisans sought out the softest Merino shearling wool in the Teddy Brilliant Mini, Pin Mini Bucket and Pin Swing silhouettes, giving a whimsical approach to the designs. 

With each season, Delvaux is known to introduce new materials, allowing their artisans to showcase new and novel ways to express the uniqueness and originality of the Maison’s savoir-faire. 


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