Cartier Tank Watch Launched as Snapchat AR Lens

Cartier collaborates with Snapchat to provide an AR experience that enables users to try on the latest version of Cartier’s Tank Watch

Cartier partners with Snapchat to create an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience. The Portal Lens, released on Snapchat, brings users on a journey through time which allow them to virtually try on the fourth iteration of Cartier’s 106-year-old Tank Watch.

Currently, only a small number of people are able to try on the Tank Watch at Cartier’s stores worldwide. This Tank Française project attempts to make the experience more inclusive. Geoffrey Perez, Snap’s head of global luxury, hopes to make the luxury experience more accessible. Thus, turning the industry into something personal and practical. He believes their technology opens up previously unimagined creative possibilities.

The realistic finishes down to the finest details demonstrate the work and effort put into the collaboration. What’s more, potential customers can even purchase the newest version of the Tank Watch through the AR lens.

Take a stroll through Cartier’s history with the Tank Watch AR Lens

Furthermore, the Portal Lens celebrates Cartier’s history by presenting a 360-degree tour iconic streets in Paris. The lens first transports users on the Alexandre III Bridge in 1917. Users can travel through time and explore the classic watch collection from its most monumental periods simply by clicking on the timestamps.

It begins in 1917 and moves through other significant years in the timepiece’s history, such as 1936 and 1977, before concluding in 2023. The newest iteration of the French Tanks arrives at the end of the tour for users to try on.

The Portal Lens is now accessible on the Snapchat app for both iOS and Android. It can be accessed by searching for the company name or visiting its profile page.

AR technology has rapidly advanced over the last three years, particularly in the fields of jewellery, eyeglasses, and cosmetics. It is expected to play a larger role in luxury fashion through cloth simulation and body tracking.

With useful tools like virtual try-ons, AR technology enables large-scale marketing and strong brand awareness. This combines practicality and creativity to enhance the shopping experience. It will be fascinating to observe how AR will influence the future of luxury fashion.

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